Journey to the Past

Willisburg & Tatham Springs



Nearly 40 years in the making, Journey to the Past – Willisburg & Tatham Springs, is NOW available and for sale.

Softbound, 8 1/2 x 11", the book is 484 pages of photographs, along with history and memories of many residents.

$35, plus tax/shipping

As noted in the Foreword, What you are about to read in this keepsake book will take you back home if you are from northern Washington County or from many other parts of rural Kentucky in the early to mid-Twentieth Century.

If county stores and churches, one room schools, burley tobacco, Warm Morning stoves, big families, Lum’n Abner, and milking cows by hand are a part of your past, this book will leave you feeling as though you’ve just been back for a community reunion.

If not, you may find yourself regretting that you missed those years, as rugged and difficult as some of them may have been.


Containing over 1,000 photographs, the book is divided into the following sections: Tatham Springs – A Pleasure Resort - The Tatham Family, The Hotel and Sulphur Spring, Carey Mill, Swinging Bridges, The Old Iron Bridge and Floods, Henry Royalty’s General Store, Bingham 4-H Camp, Mount Olivet Church, Memories of Tatham Village; Willisburg – Peola to the Present - Community, Churches, Schools, Soldiers, Cemeteries and Arts and Crafts.



Below is a sampling of photos from the various sections of the book.


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