James H. Miller

611 Perryville Street
Harrodsburg, Kentucky 40330

ALL NEW! Obituaries on CD - Death notices taken from local newspapers, primarily from Harrodsburg, and Mercer County, KY, have been transcribed and put on CD for a collection of fascinating reading for historical and genealogical researchers.

Each CD contains the text from approximately 300 or more typed pages. Although taken primarily from Mercer County newspapers, the entries include individuals from surrounding counties and all across the country. Many listings are of persons "known" locally or having local relatives and include a wealth of information.

 Vol-1 - Obituaries 0000-1895*  Vol-2 - Obituaries 1896-1906
 Vol-3 - Obituaries 1907-1915
 Vol-4 - Obituaries 1916-1921
 Vol-5 - Obituaries 1922-1927
 Vol-6 - Obituaries 1928-1932
 Vol-7 - Obituaries 1933-1937
 Vol-8 - Obituaries 1938-1942
 Vol-9 - Obituaries 1943-1947

Vol-10 - Obituaries 1948-1952

Vol-11 - Obituaries 1953-1957

Vol-12 - Obituaries 1958-1962

Vol-13 - Obituaries 1963-1967

Vol-14 - Obituaries 1968-1972

Vol-15 Obituaries 1973-1977

Vol-16 Obituaries 1978-1982

Vol 17 Obituaries 1983-1987

Vol 18 Obituaries 1988-1992
 Vol-19 - Obituaries 1993-1997
 Vol-20 - Obituaries 1998-2002
 Vol-21 - Obituaries 2003-2007
Vol-22 - Obituaries 2008-2012

Vol-23 - Obituaries 2013-2017




* Vol-1 - Obituaries 0000-1895 - In process. Check this site for availability! Other volumes up to the present will be posted as they become available. If you would like to be notified when a new volume is available send an e-mail to jimmillr@bellsouth.net with the words "CD Notification" in the subject line.

Each CD is packaged in an individual paper envelope with a see-through front and mailed in a flat heavy stock mailer. These CDs include a Word document and a .pdf file..

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James H. Miller, 611 Perryville Street, Harrodsburg, KY 40330.

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