Links To Other Sites

The below sites are interesting sites to explore and each contain a variety of useful and fun information:

Internet telephone look-up from AT&T. Look up by name of individual, name of business, address, or reverse look-up by phone number. You can also add URLs, fax numbers and e-mail addresses to your personal listing.

This site is an on-line source for antiques and collectibles. It includes links to on-line stores, magazine subscriptions and much more. If you are interested in antiques or collectibles - check this site out!

Accumulate points for saving coupons, filling out surveys, etc., Points can be accumulated toward free Internet access, books, CD's, magazine subscriptions, and more.

This is another site for downloading programs - shareware, freeware and demos.

Another site full of software programs. You can also read several computer magazines on line.

A very interesting patriotic site with history, music, and links to other sites. Over 50 pages - to be experienced.