3 Engagement Ring Styles to Avoid, Warns Jeweller

Amidst the enchantment of selecting an engagement ring, it’s vital to consider various factors, from the diamond’s cut, color, clarity, and carat to the budget and the band’s color. However, a jeweler on TikTok has stepped forward to share three engagement ring styles she strongly discourages, emphasizing potential regrets that may necessitate costly fixes later.

3 Engagement Ring Styles to Avoid

1. Thin Band Rings 

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While the allure of a dainty, thin band is undeniable, the jeweller cautions against this style due to its lack of durability. Displaying an example where a stone is bent toward the wearer’s finger on a thin band, she recommends opting for bands of at least 1.8 millimetres thickness. The jeweller, sharing a personal anecdote, notes that her own engagement ring with a 1.4-millimeter band required multiple repairs, emphasizing the need for cautious wear and potential future repairs.

2. Rings with an Open Gallery 

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The second style to steer clear of is rings with an open gallery, allowing for maximum visibility of the stone. However, this design choice poses challenges, as it cannot be resized, and the exposed stone is susceptible to scratches, especially when in contact with a wedding band. The jeweller further notes instances where wearers experienced discomfort, with the stone potentially causing injury when fingers are bent.

3. Rings Without a Gallery Rail 

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Avoiding rings lacking a gallery rail—the metal piece connecting the stone’s prongs—the jeweller underscores the risk of the prong snagging and pulling down, resulting in the loss of the stone. This scenario is a wearer’s nightmare, emphasizing the importance of the gallery rail for added security.

Commenters echoed the advice, sharing personal experiences and affirming the potential risks associated with these ring styles. One commenter regretted choosing a thin band, leading to additional modifications, while others emphasized the value of sturdier bands. Loss of stones due to the absence of a gallery rail resonated with commenters, highlighting the significance of these insights in making informed engagement ring decisions.


Choosing an engagement ring involves careful consideration, and a jeweler on TikTok shares insights into three ring styles to avoid. Thin band rings may be visually appealing, but their lack of durability poses potential issues, as illustrated by a bent stone example. Rings with an open gallery, while offering maximum stone visibility, present challenges such as resizing limitations and susceptibility to scratches. Rings without a gallery rail, the metal connecting prongs, carry the risk of stones being lost, prompting the jeweler’s emphasis on the importance of this feature. Commenters resonated with the advice, sharing personal experiences and underlining the significance of durability in engagement ring choices.

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