4 People Found Dead at Oklahoma Marijuana Farm

Officers in South Florida have detained the suspect in the weekend slayings of four individuals at an Oklahoma marijuana farm, according to a Tuesday night police announcement.

Miami Beach police arrested Wu Chen, 45, just before 4 p.m. and transported him to the Miami-Dade County Detention Center, according to an Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) Facebook post published in the evening.

 4 People Found Dead at Oklahoma Marijuana Farm


What Has Happened

According to Captain Stan Florence of the OSBI, the murders occurred on a 10-acre marijuana cultivation site on North 2760 Road in Kingfisher County, west of Hennessey, approximately 90 kilometers (55 miles) northwest of Oklahoma City.

“The suspect remained inside the building for an extended period before the executions began,” OSBI stated in a press release issued Tuesday morning. According to the current study, this does not appear to be by chance.

Capt. Stan Florence of the OSBI stated the day prior that officials suspected the suspect knew the victims who were discovered dead on Sunday evening. Florence stated, “They all know one another.” We do not know if they are related or coworkers, but we believe they were acquainted. 

He also stated that the Kingfisher County Sheriff’s Office initially responded to a suspected hostage situation on the farm and then requested assistance from state officials.

As soon as the police arrived at the about 10-acre farm, they discovered the injured person and administered immediate medical aid before discovering the four bodies.

According to the OSBI, three men and one lady, all Chinese nationals, were executed. A fifth victim, a Chinese national, was injured and sent to a hospital.

What we Know So Far

Sheriff Dennis Banther of Kingfisher County stated that all five victims were Asians with connections to the marijuana industry, and the murders appear to have been the result of an inside conflict rather than random violence.

Sunday at 7:24 p.m. local time, deputies were dispatched to the farm, where they discovered a person with gunshot wounds who was treated and then evacuated by helicopter to the hospital.

According to Florence, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics also investigates the cultivation operation. It was not immediately apparent whether or not the operation was legitimate and authorized. 

Voters in Oklahoma authorized medicinal marijuana in 2018, and the sector grew rapidly due to a law with fewer limitations than in other states. In March, voters will determine if recreational marijuana usage should be legalized.

Dennis Banther stated, “We immediately contacted the OSBI for assistance with investigations and to work the murder scene because the region is vast.”

According to a local news source, there are over eighty “grow homes” on the property, and authorities are still conducting an exhaustive search for other suspects or leads.

Captain Stan Florence of the OSBI told CBS News, “We’re still combing the grounds.” We had personnel on the ground searching in the dark yesterday night. There are quite a few amenities available for inspection. We are seeking anyone who may be present at this time.

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