5 Reasons to Use Aloe Vera If You’re Over 50

5 Reasons to Use Aloe Vera If You’re Over 50 for That Wonderful Skin Texture

Contrary to the messages conveyed by anti-aging skincare ads, you don’t need complex and costly products to care for your skin as you age. Experts suggest embracing natural and affordable solutions, with aloe vera gel being a standout choice for those aged 50 and above.

5 Reasons to Use Aloe Vera If You’re Over 50

Explore the top five reasons, according to experts, to incorporate aloe vera into your daily skincare routine.

1. Exceptional Moisturizing

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Aloe vera stands out as a high-impact, single-ingredient moisturizer, favored by dermatologists and beauty experts. Its hydrating properties delve deep without introducing harmful additives like parabens and sulfates. Krista Suter, RN, BSN, from BLUR Aesthetics Medical Spa, emphasizes aloe vera’s versatility, making it an ideal option for oily skin due to its non-greasy feel.

2. Anti-Aging Efficacy

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Whether applied as a cream, gel, or mask, aloe vera emerges as an effective anti-aging serum. Rich in vitamins C and E, it enhances skin health, firmness, and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. Julia Shih, founder of Body + Soul, notes aloe vera’s collagen-stimulating properties, contributing to supple and radiant skin—an asset for those over 50.

3. Sun Damage Relief

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While sun protection is paramount, aloe vera proves beneficial for alleviating sunburn symptoms, crucial for those over 50 with more vulnerable skin. Liis Hainla, Vegan Avenue’s head editor, highlights its cooling effect, aiding the healing process and reducing inflammation caused by sunburn. Aloe vera’s application, either in pure gel form or incorporated into sunscreen, helps mitigate discomfort and prevent lasting signs of sun damage.

4. Soothing Shaving Gel

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For individuals over 50 with drier, thinner skin, aloe vera serves as an excellent shaving gel. Its cooling properties soothe the skin, reducing irritation and the risk of nicks during shaving. Krista Suter recommends its application before shaving to enhance razor glide and after to minimize inflammation.

5. Scalp and Hair Health

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Amidst concerns of hair loss among women over 50, aloe vera emerges as a potential solution for scalp and hair health. Though conclusive research on its role in hair growth is limited, applying aloe vera juice to the scalp can aid hydration and overall scalp health. Suter suggests its potential in promoting healthier hair, acknowledging its versatile uses beyond skincare.


Aloe vera proves to be a natural powerhouse for skincare after 50, offering versatile benefits from exceptional moisturizing to anti-aging efficacy. Experts endorse its inclusion in your daily routine, emphasizing its simplicity and effectiveness in promoting skin health and vitality.

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