5 Stylish Ways to Keep Your Hair Long After It Goes Gray to Keep Your Long Hair Seem Stylish

As you age, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t let your hair to grow out. Go ahead and get that adorable pixie cut if you so choose, but don’t feel pressured to follow outdated beauty norms that dictate you must cut your hair short to maintain its style after it becomes gray.

Gray hair is easier to manage as long as you maintain its health, even if it generates less oil and is consequently more prone to dryness. Continue reading for hairstylists’ best advice on how to maintain your hair’s color long after it turns gray.

5 Stylish Ways to Keep Your Hair Long After It Goes Gray

1. Mastering the Art of Braiding Gray Hair

Braided Gray Hair

If you’re keen on maintaining the length of your gray hair, embracing braids—be it traditional, French, fishtail, or any other trendy variant—is an excellent choice. With an abundance of online tutorials at your disposal, you can practice these styles on yourself or others. Watson Anthony, editor-in-chief for Hairstyle Camp, emphasizes that braids complement gray hair exceptionally well, especially when intertwined with other colors, creating a striking visual effect.

Moreover, braids offer versatility beyond their traditional form. Dawna Jarvis, a former salon owner and master stylist at the Canyon Salon, advocates for loose pulled-apart braids or a sleek braided bun. To achieve a braided bun, simply gather your hair into a low ponytail, divide it into three sections, and twist each section in opposite directions before securing them with bobby pins. Finish the look with a spritz of hairspray for added shine and hold.

2. Elevate Your Style with Hair Accessories

Happy Older Woman with Gray Hair Updo

Never underestimate the transformative power of hair accessories, such as headbands, clips, or accent pieces. These accessories are simple yet versatile, suitable for individuals of any age. Anthony recommends claw clips for their popularity and minimal hair damage, noting their utility in keeping hair away from the face. Fortunately, these accessories need not be extravagant; they are readily available at local stores or popular chains like Target and Walmart.

3. Enhance Your Look with Long Layers

Long Layered Gray Hair

Long layers can breathe new life into your gray hair, imparting a youthful and vibrant appearance. Krysta Biancone, co-founder of Amari Salon & Spa and Hair Stylist at Hair by Krysta, suggests incorporating shorter layers around the face and longer layers at the back. Styling with a light mousse or styling cream can add volume and body, while a curling wand or flat iron can create movement throughout the hair’s length.

4. Embrace the Half-Up, Half-Down Style

Woman with Gray Hair Half Up Half Down

Constantly wearing your hair up can lead to damage, particularly if it’s pulled tightly. Celebrity hairstylist Cody Renegar recommends the half-up, half-down style, which sweeps hair away from the face while preventing breakage. Achieving this sleek look requires only a hair tie, bobby pins, and perhaps a touch of hairspray for longevity.

5. Indulge in a Professional Blowout

Woman Blow Drying Gray Hair

Treat yourself to a salon blowout for a fresh and polished look. According to Jarvis, professional blowouts not only enhance your appearance but also offer longer-lasting results. With shiny and well-styled hair, you’ll be ready to dazzle at any special event without the hassle of daily styling.

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