6 Colors to Wear as You Get Older by Incorporating Vibrant Hues

Revamp your daily wardrobe with a bold new look by incorporating these vibrant hues. Our style evolves over the years, influencing how certain colors complement our appearance. As we enter our 50s and beyond, it’s common to find our wardrobe filled with safe but uninspiring choices. The key is not to shy away from color but to discover the shades that enhance your style. Here are six essential colors recommended by stylists for your mature wardrobe:

6 Colors to Wear as You Get Older

1. Navy Blue

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Black may become less flattering with age, according to Elizabeth Kosich, a certified image stylist. Replace it with navy blue, a powerful neutral that exudes trust, loyalty, and confidence while remaining authoritative.

2. Soft White

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Stark white may lose its appeal as we age, notes Carol Davidson, an NYC-based image consultant. Embrace soft whites—a universally flattering option for all skin tones that is easy to maintain.

3. Viva Magenta

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Inject a wow factor into your wardrobe with Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year, Viva Magenta. Elizabeth Kosich recommends using this nuanced crimson red tone as an accent in accessories like socks, belts, or a power lip for a trendy and relevant touch.

4. Burgundy

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Maria Velniceriu, a fashion expert, suggests incorporating burgundy into your wardrobe for an elegant and refined touch. This shade, whether used as a statement color or an accent, adds a sense of maturity and sophistication to any ensemble.

5. Blush Pink

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For a softer alternative, Vivienne Desurmont suggests embracing blush pink. Despite misconceptions about its youthfulness, this delicate hue introduces a subtle touch of femininity and provides a refreshing pop of color suitable for casual or formal looks.

6. Olive Green

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Ride the green trend by opting for olive green clothing, as recommended by Elizabeth Kosich. This kinder and gentler neutral green comes in various shades that can be tailored to your undertone, hair, and eyes. Pair it with a vibrant accent color like true red to elevate your style.

Introduce these colors into your daily fashion choices to infuse vibrancy and sophistication into your wardrobe, showcasing a bold new look that resonates with your evolving style.

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