7 Ponytail Styles That Upgrade Your Look That Go Beyond the Elementary Updo

You probably feel the need to occasionally remove your hair from your face, even if you adore your long, flowing locks. However, wearing it back simply with a hair tie doesn’t always feel appropriate. In light of this, it may be time to think about some more intriguing choices. In order to assist you, we spoke with a variety of hairstylists and obtained their professional advice on updos that you might attempt to offer a little something extra. Continue reading for seven ponytail looks that will instantly improve your appearance.

7 Ponytail Styles That Upgrade Your Look

1. Braided Ponytails:

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When you have some extra time to spare during your hair routine, Emma Jarvis, owner of The Hair Base salon, suggests a charming combination of a basic ponytail with a loose braid. This style exudes a soft, romantic vibe and is perfect for leisurely weekend brunches or relaxed date nights. According to Jarvis, braided ponytails work particularly well for individuals with thick and long ombre or highlighted hair, as the braid can enhance the various tones.

2. Bubble Ponytails:

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For those who aren’t fond of braids, the bubble ponytail offers an elegant alternative. By incorporating elastic bands down the length of your ponytail and gently separating each section, you achieve a playful yet sophisticated style suitable for both casual outings and formal events, shares Anna Peterson, licensed cosmetologist and founder of Salon Route.

3. Wrap-Around Ponytails:

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To elevate your look without straying too far from a simple ponytail, Peterson recommends a wrap-around style, which adds a touch of sophistication to your basic updo. Conceal the elastic band by wrapping a strand of hair around it and secure it with a bobby pin underneath for a polished finish.

4. Low Ponytails:

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Contrary to intuition, lowering your ponytail can also enhance its appeal. Jarvis suggests opting for a low ponytail with textured and undone waves for a fresh and effortless look that complements various haircuts.

5. Ponytails with Added Hair:

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Expand your hairstyling possibilities by incorporating extra locks into your ponytail, suggests Keka Heron, celebrity hairstylist and board-certified trichologist. Whether it’s synthetic braided hair to extend the length, faux bangs for a youthful flair, or curly extensions for a summery vibe, adding extra hair can easily elevate your ponytail.

6. Sleek Ponytails:

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Achieve runway-ready elegance with a sleek ponytail sporting a high-gloss finish. Smooth out flyaways and add shine with a light application of serum before sweeping your hair back, recommends Peterson, making this chic look easy to achieve.

7. Half Ponytails:

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The half ponytail, or half-up style, is experiencing a resurgence, notes Jarvis. This versatile style suits any hair length or texture and offers ample room for customization. Higher sections create volume at the crown, while a loose lower section beautifully frames the face, allowing for a personalized touch.

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