7 Tips For Wearing Cardigans Over 60 As Stated By Experts

Experts unanimously celebrate the numerous ways to flaunt this timeless, versatile piece suitable for any season.

Cardigans hold a significant place in every wardrobe. They are not just timeless and universally flattering but also remarkably adaptable, especially as one ages.

“For women beyond 60, comfort becomes paramount, and cardigans offer this in abundance,” shares Leanne Lee, fashion stylist and Blue Bungalow’s buyer. “A thoughtfully chosen cardigan becomes the cornerstone of an outfit, seamlessly transitioning from casual daywear to an evening of elegance.”

Brigid Stasen, founder of Bridge Your Style and a stylist, highlights cardigans’ seasonless nature. “Whether it’s cool spring or summer evenings, or within air-conditioned spaces, a cardigan is a fantastic addition to complement a t-shirt and jeans, a dress, a skirt, or slacks,” she explains. “You can effortlessly layer a cardigan with almost any attire.”

7 Tips For Wearing Cardigans Over 60

In search of fresh ways to style those cardigans after turning 60? Here’s some expert-approved advice to spice up your wardrobe:

1. Add a burst of color.

A mature woman with shoulder-length gray hair wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and purple cardigan stands against a gray background

Stasen suggests using a cardigan as an effortless way to inject some color into a basic outfit. For instance, if you’re sporting a navy-blue sundress, try a ballet pink cardigan. Experiment with vibrant green or red cardigans when dressed in all black. A bright layer atop neutrals can instantly elevate your look.

2. opt for longer lengths.

Woman wearing a long sweater and scarf standing on a mountain ridge looking off into the distance.

Lee notes that cardigans hitting at the thigh or lower can visually elongate your figure. Consider layering a long cardigan over leggings, paired with a printed wrap scarf for a casually chic ensemble, suggests Stasen. Or try it over a matching-length dress for an elegant monochromatic appeal, creating a seamless visual line for a taller appearance.

3. Embrace high-low style.

A smiling middle-aged woman with gray hair and a sage-green cardigan over a white t-shirt stands with her arms crossed against a pale gray background

Mixing dressy items with casual pieces can create an unexpected and refreshing look. Pair cardigans with jeans and statement jewelry, recommends Stasen, ideal for various occasions from lunch gatherings to casual Fridays at the office. Alternatively, layer a cardigan over a little black dress and team it with sleek sneakers for a youthful modern touch.

4. Layer with button-downs.

Close up of cardigans and linen button-down shirts

Lee emphasizes that layering adds depth to outfits, recommending cardigans over collared shirts for a polished look. Opt for thinner fabrics to avoid bulkiness. Stasen adds a twist, suggesting a classic button-down under a lightweight cashmere cardigan worn with silk pants and sandals. For an elevated touch, swap the buttons for fancier ones or have a tailor do it.

5. Consider flattering silhouettes.

Older woman in cardigan and striped t shirt

Select cardigans that complement your body shape, advises Lee. A well-fitted v-neck elongates the neck and creates a slender appearance. Hourglass figures can flaunt belted or peplum cardigans, while taller individuals can opt for calf-grazing dusters. Apple shapes might opt for shoulder-detail open cardigans to draw attention upwards.

6. Belt it.

shutterstock 500401483 | MercerOnline

For a modern touch and waist definition, Lee suggests belting longer cardigans with thin belts. Match the belt with your outfit’s color palette and position it at your natural waist for a trendy, figure-accentuating look.

7. Mix textures.

Cashmere cleaning freezer clothing hacks

Veresovaya recommends playing with textures for visual interest. Contrast knitted or ribbed cardigans with smoother fabrics like silk or satin blouses. Similarly, pair a smooth cashmere cardigan with textured skirts or ruffled blouses for an eye-catching ensemble.

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