8 Clothing Items That Make You Look Dated, Stylists Say

Avoid These Styles To Ensure That You Look Coordinating And Modern At All Times.

It’s impossible to dispute the iconic nature of some retro fashion trends: bohemian maxi dresses, tie-dyed designs, and “mom” jeans are just a few examples of looks that still look stylish decades later. But not every style holds up over time, and you may be appearing out of date in certain clothes. We spoke with stylists to find out which items are best kept in the back of your closet in order to avoid making these fashion mistakes. For their suggestions, continue reading.

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8 Clothing Items That Make You Look Dated

1. Elastic-Waist Jeans

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Comfort is a timeless element in fashion, but achieving it in a stylish manner is crucial. Elizabeth Kosich, a certified image stylist, suggests steering clear of elastic-waist jeans, as their design tends to associate with aging. Instead, opt for high-waisted jeans with power stretch fibers. These jeans serve as both chic daily denim and a foundation garment that sculpts, lifts, and contours without constriction, resulting in a smoother, sleeker, and younger appearance.

2. Novelty Prints

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While bold patterns attract attention, Yenia Hernández Fonseca advises against certain novelty prints like pineapples, lightning bolts, and palm trees. In the current fashion era, these light-hearted prints may appear outdated. Choose classic prints like polka dots, tartans, and stripes for a timeless and stylish appeal.

3. Loud Brand Names

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Leah Wise, a fashion influencer, warns against clothing adorned with huge logos, emphasizing that very loud fashion can make you look dated. The trend now leans towards quiet luxury, so opt for subtler brand representation in your clothing choices.

4. Shoulder Pads

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Shoulder pads, reminiscent of ’80s and ’90s fashion, have made a subtle comeback. However, Elizabeth Kosich advises against recycling old, bold shoulder-padded pieces, as current trends favor compact and contoured styles over the boxy and bold ’80s look.

5. Velour or Terry Tracksuits

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The classic tracksuit remains a viable option, but Elizabeth Kosich suggests avoiding velour or terry cloth materials, which timestamp the style to the 2000s. Upgrade to modern-day materials like bonded crepe or polyester-cotton knit for a timeless look, steering clear of extreme design details.

6. Neons

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Neons are considered time capsules of past fashion decades, warns Elizabeth Kosich. While a pop of neon can add vibrancy to an outfit, overdoing it is discouraged, as neons tend to be short-lived trends that overpower most wearers.

7. Micro Sunglasses

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Micro-shades, hexagon shapes, and overly decorated frames are considered outdated by Elizabeth Kosich. Invest in timeless classics like aviators, wayfarers, or cat-eye frames for a chic and timeless look across decades.

8. Skinny Jeans

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Skinny jeans, once popular, are no longer in fashion, according to stylists. To modernize them, Zoé DuFour suggests pairing them with a taller boot and oversized sweater or button-down for a fresh and contemporary appearance.


While fashion trends evolve, Holly Chayes, a personal style coach, emphasizes the importance of feeling good and confident in what you wear. Personal style and confidence are timeless, allowing individuals to adapt their wardrobes without fear of looking dated. Zoé DuFour echoes this sentiment, stating that a stylist can always help refresh the look of a beloved piece, even if it’s considered “dated.”

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