Activ8 Digital Marketing Scam: Exclusive Info and Guided Evaluations

The legitimacy of the Activ8 Digital Marketing Scam has been scrutinized, highlighting a website review pertaining to a marketing agency platform.

Have you fallen victim to a digital marketing agency’s deceptive practice in the automation sector of the retail marketplace? Is Activ8 marketing agency a credible entity in the digital realm, or is it a fraudulent operation?

Role of Activ8 Digital Marketing Scam

The surge in online platforms has prompted various participants to enter the digital arena as marketplace contributors. These contributors seek the assistance of digital marketing agencies for their automation requirements in the marketplace. Some online users in South Africa have raised concerns about the digital firm on social media platforms. The Activ8 Digital Marketing Scam has investigated the legitimacy of the Activ8 agency operating in the digital promotional domain.

Activ8 Digital Marketing Web Portal

Several scams associated with the name Activ8 were reported by social media users in South Africa, particularly by job seekers targeted by HR consultancy scams using the Activ8 brand name. Instances of digital marketing scams have also been reported on platforms like Reddit. The Activ8 marketing agency operates on the web portal.

  • The portal was established on January 13, 2020.
  • The trust score for this portal is 94/100.
  • Activ8 Digital Marketing Reviews discovered a trust index of 100% for this portal.
  • The website is active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Customer reviews for this digital marketing site are not available.
  • Content on this site is devoid of plagiarism.
  • The Alexa ranking for this marketing portal is low.
  • The portal’s domain is set to expire on January 13, 2024.
  • The company’s address and contact number are listed on the portal.

What is Activ8 Marketing Agency

Activ8 Marketing is a digital platform providing advertising and promotional solutions to online retail and similar web portals. The agency’s services aid customers in automating their operations in the online marketplace.

Services Offered

The Activ8 Digital Marketing Scam has outlined some of the services offered by this agency.

  • Marketing Automation
  • Social and Digital Advertising
  • Website Development
  • Media Marketing in the digital space
  • Digital Brand Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Reputation Management

Specifications of Activ8 Agency’s Website

  • Domain name:
  • Domain age: Three years
  • Website address:
  • Product sold: Digital services
  • Payment methods: Debit and Credit cards.
  • Physical address: 101 South Main Street, 110, Rochester, Michigan 48309
  • Shipping policy: Not available
  • Return policy: Not available
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Contact number: 855.855.5728
  • Newsletter: Available
  • SSL certificate: Available
  • Proximity to suspicious website: 10/100
  • Alexa ranking: Low

Pros and Cons of Activ8 Digital Marketing Scam for Website


  • High trust scores, including a trust score and trust index, indicating an authentic website.
  • The website has been operational for three years, signalling its legitimacy.
  • Contact details are available on the site.
  • Content on the site is original and free from plagiarism.
  • Services offered are beneficial for various online platforms.
  • The website has a robust presence on social media platforms.
  • The industry served by the website is clearly stated on its landing page.


  • Customer reviews on public review sites are absent.
  • The Alexa ranking is low.
  • The owner’s name is not disclosed on the company website.
  • Scams are prevalent in the sector served by the website.
  • The pricing details for the services are not provided on the website.
  • The term “Activ8” is associated with scams on social media.
  • The content cannot be independently analysed.
  • Shipping and refund policies are not outlined on the website.

Activ8 Digital Marketing Reviews

Activ8 has a substantial presence on social media platforms, especially Facebook, where its page boasts 6.8k followers and 6.9k likes. While customer reviews on public review sites are unavailable, some customers have shared their feedback on the social media page.

On its Facebook page, Activ8 Marketing has earned a rating of 4.4 from eleven reviewers. The absence of customer reviews on public review sites raises suspicions among potential customers. Individuals seeking credit card refunds from online platforms can find more information [here](#).

Final Assessment

The Activ8 Digital Marketing Scam team has identified numerous scams associated with the term “Activ8” on social media sites. Primarily, job seekers have reported scams related to a job consultancy firm named Activ8. While scams are prevalent in the digital marketing sector, the Activ8 agency appears to be a legitimate entity with a discernible presence on social platforms.

Have you collaborated with the Activ8 Marketing agency? Your comments are welcome.

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