Bulova Watch Battery Replacement Cost | Full User Guide!

How much does Bulova Watch Battery Replacement Cost? Bulova is an expensive watch brand with certain decent functioning and features. Thus, its batteries are also expensive to replace. However, it also depends upon the type of battery set in your Bulova watch. Thus, in this guide, we have mentioned how much it would cost you to replace its battery. We have also mentioned the DIY way to change it by yourself at home. Let’s begin the guide! 

Factors That Influence the Watch Repair Cost 

Generally, the Bulova watch requires $24-$50 to be replaced. However, various general factors influence the watch repair cost. 

  • Size of watch
  • Model type 
  • You replace it with your own
  • You take it to a professional to be replaced
  • Professional type 
  • Your watch’s condition
  • Watch’s return shipping fees  
  • How it got damaged. As the battery is exposed to the water it requires more cost.

These factors affect your watch battery’s replacement cost. You have to search for a Bulova watch battery replacement near me on Google, and it will show you several local stores. You will get your work instantly done there. The replacement cost will also consider the parts’ price and availability. 

What is the Bulova Watch Battery Replacement Cost? 

Bulova watch repairs are generally expensive and difficult to replace if broken or lost power. However, there is no need only to purchase the original overpriced batteries. Instead, you can also safely use generic batteries. 

You can find generic brands replacing batteries for as low as $5. For example, there are certain brands mentioned that can help you out with an affordable battery option. 

  • JCPenney replaces the battery only for $12. 
  • Sears replaced the battery for $20. 
  • Walmart used to replace the battery; now, they don’t replace the batteries. 

On the other hand, the jewelry brands like Rogers and Holland will easily charge $25 only for battery replacement. Their prices also vary based on your watch model. 

4 Batteries That Mainly Uses in The Bulova Watch

A professional can easily change Bulova batteries, but they will cost around $45. If you plan to change it on your own, you need to know what size or shape of your specific battery. It doesn’t come in a standard shape and size. 

Generally, there are four types of batteries used in the Bulova watches. We have mentioned them below. 

1. Alkaline Batteries 

Alkaline batteries refer to a battery with an alkaline electrolyte. They are less acidic and don’t generally react with the skin or cause irritation. Moreover, they also last much longer than other batteries in the market. Thus, they are mostly used in small devices, including watches, calculators, etc.  

2. Silver Oxide Batteries

Silver Oxide Batteries come up with an efficient, consistent voltage supply with a long battery life. It is suitable for small and daily used electronic devices, including digital clocks, LED lights, and wristwatches. Moreover, these batteries provide minimal impact on the environment. 

3. Lithium Batteries 

Lithium batteries are coin-like batteries with rechargeable features, a battery life of up to 10 years, and are highly lightweight. They are generally the most suitable for smartwatches and fitness trackers. However, they are not suitable for mechanical watches, including quartz watches. 

4. Mercury Batteries 

As the name sounds, Mercury batteries have mercury as an active material. It makes the battery less resistant and more efficient. They have comparatively higher voltage and provide higher power to the devices for a short span of time. Moreover, they can also be recharged many times. However, the high toxicity of mercury requires a little carefulness to be used in wristwatches. 

How To Identify Your Bulova Battery Type? 

To identify your Boluva battery, you need to know its battery code. It is generally etched over the back of the watch. You can find the battery in various forms, but most of the Bulova watches have the number 337. This will help you know the mAh rating, type, and battery brand. 

If you don’t get the battery number, use your user manual. It will help you find the battery code. Some of the watches also have codes inside the watch case. This code will help you find the right battery to buy. If you cannot find the battery code, you must take it to the professional at the end. 

7 Simple Steps to Replace A Bulova Battery 

It is relatively easy to replace them by yourself. It primarily saves you time and money that you would spend on any professional repair shop. You will only need a few essential tools to change the battery. You would require the following

  • Screwdriver 
  • Allen wrench
  • Holder for the watch case
  • Small flathead screwdriver 

Follow these simple 7 steps to replace your Bulova watch battery: 

Step – 1: Primarily, you must remove the band and crystal glass. 

Step – 2: Now change the old battery with a new one. 

Step – 3: Fix the band and crystal glass and keep it over a flat surface. 

Step – 4: Now tighten all the screws. 

Step – 5: Take your watch case holder in the same direction as the two arrows. 

Step – 6: Screw down the flathead screw. 

Step – 7: Follow the same steps for others too. 

General Signs Your Bulova Battery Needs To Be Replaced 

When your watch battery needs to be replaced, it shows certain indications. We have mentioned some of the indications below: 

  • It starts showing the difference in the response time. It is a sign that your battery requires energy to perform its action quickly. 
  • It may show the delay in time, or your watch might go ahead of time. 
  • It might also show the wrong time for several days. 
  • It might also need to be replaced if it gets damaged by an accident. 

Final Words 

Bulova watches are extremely expensive and cost a lot of money to replace the battery. They would take your chunks of dollars to replace it. Thus, you can also change it by yourself. We hope you like the guide and get an idea of the Bulova Watch Battery Replacement Cost. 

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