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SMITE is one of the leading and most famous MOBO titles, and one reason is its distinct gameplay philosophy compared to more established market giants. Furthermore, compared to certain other games, it is more accessible due to its availability on all leading gaming platforms.

At the very first, when the player creates the SMITE account, they have to make a gamer name on the base of their steam. But, some of the players find it challenging to change their gamer name. So, in this blog, we will discuss the topic “Can You Change Your Smite Name” on various platforms like a personal computer, XBOX, ps4/ps5.

Can You Change Your Smite Name On PC?

The simple answer to this question is yes; you can change the SMITE name on the PC. But, to do this, the player has to go through SMITE’s game client. Follow the below step to change the smite name on the PC.

Step 1: At the very first, the player has to activate the SMITE clients.

how to change your name in smite 2022

Step 2: Go to the shop menu. It is available on the left side of the pc screen.

 chang'e smite name

Step 3: You must go to the “other” tab in the shop menu bar.

 smite name checker

Step 4: Select “Bundles” from the dropdown menu on the left side, which should be there by default.

 smite free name change

Step 5: Next, select the account.

 how to change smite name on switch

Step 6: In the store grid, you can now see the “Change Gamer Name.”

 can you change your hi-rez account name

Step 7:  Click on the “Change Gamer Name.”

 how to change your name in smite 2022

Step 8: On the right side of the Store, confirm your decision and make your purchase.

 chang'e smite name

You must spend 400 Gems to change your gamer name in SMITE. Gems are the game currency. This cost may be reduced in some circumstances, usually to 200 Gems, by events or retail specials.

How do I change the SMITE name on XBOX One?

As we already discussed above, SMITE is also available on Xbox one. Although you may require its login information when creating it when beginning the game on the console for the first time, your Microsoft account doesn’t play a significant role in name changes on SMITE. The game’s Store is responsible for the name change.

Follow the below step to change the SMITE name on Xbox.

Step1: At the very first, start your SMITE.

Step2: Now, you have to choose the “Store.” This “Store” is available on the main Menu.

Step3: Go to the shop menu bar at the end and click the “Other” tab.

Step4: When you open the shop for the first time, choose the option from the dropdown menu on the left that says “Bundles.”

Step5: Select “Account” from the Menu.

Step6: Pick “Change Gamer Name” from the grid options.

Step7: After you have made your decision, confirm it by clicking the purchase button, which is located to the right and shows the item’s price.

Change the SMITE name on ps4/ps5.

Today, we all are living in the era of technology. Now, it is possible to play the SMITE on PS4/PS5. But as compared to PS4, the SMITE runs better on PS5. The reason behind this is the improved system specification. Your Sony account system won’t help much if you need to change your name in SMITE, either.

Follow the below step to change your SMITE name –

Step1: At first, Open the SMITE

Step2: Now, choose “STORE.” Players will get the “STORE” on the main Menu.

Step3: Click the “Other” tab near the Store’s top bar.

Step4: Choose “Bundles” from the dropdown menu on the left, which is typically present.

Step5: From the dropdown menu, select “Account.”

Step6: From the grid of options in the Store, pick “Change Gamer Name.”

Step7: Confirm your decision on the shop’s right side and pay the name-change price.

Name changing is the paid service in most games, including STORE.


Now, you can know the answer to “Can You Change Your Smite Name.” Here, we briefly discuss changing the SMITE name on different platforms, including PS4/PS5, Xbox One, and PC. After reading this blog, I hope you can change the name of the SMITE.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

  • How can I modify my Reddit smite name?

Like any other platform, changing the SMITE name on Reddit is possible. Players have to go to the Store> Other > Account. You need 400 gems to purchase it; however, there is a 100-gem discount sometimes.

  • Is it possible to change the SMITE account?

In a simple sentence, you can say that it is possible to change the SMITE account. You must visit the Hirez website, where a list of the accounts yours is linked to is displayed. From there, you should be able to unlink your Steam and Hirez accounts and link another tab in their place.

  • What is the Smite log-out procedure?

You must log in on the Hi-Rez website by going to your account. I think the corresponding tabs in the Menu on the left side of the screen are where you should go next. You can unlink your Steam account after seeing all of your linked accounts, and the game will prompt you for your login information when it launches.

  • Do SMITE accounts allow for merging?

The Account Merge procedure is started not from the Xbox game itself but via the website. You were logging in with both your PC and Xbox accounts, selecting to link them, and then selecting the option to merge your PC account into your Xbox account on the website’s Account Merge page.

  • Why were the boots taken out of SMITE?

Players will now see an 18% increase in movement speed throughout their first seven levels, thanks to the removal of Smite boots. Doing this will ensure that everyone increases their speed gradually with each group rather than all at once when they finish boot camp.

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