Corrib Capital Management Scam: Check Details on Cuerpo Here!

Corrib Capital Management Scam: Find Details on Greg Weaver and Allegations

Does Corrib Capital Investment Firm Engage in Fraudulent Activities?

Corrib Capital

There have been allegations of fraudulent activities associated with Corrib Capital, an investment firm based in Minnesota, United States, that offers financial planning services tailored to individual clients’ needs and resources. While the company has faced serious accusations of fraud in the past, it’s important to note that none of these allegations have been substantiated in a court of law. Corrib Capital Management Scam has conducted an investigation into this financial firm and has provided a report for investors to consider.

Is Corrib Capital Management a Scam or Legitimate?

Recent news and updates related to Corrib Capital have been circulating on social media platforms, raising concerns about the company’s integrity. Currently, the Corrib Capital website is nonfunctional, and no entity has claimed its domain. Despite the website having a legitimate rating of 100%, these recent developments have cast doubt on its credibility.

Corrib Capital Management on Social media

On Reddit

A post regarding Corrib Capital on Reddit has suggested that the company may be deceiving job seekers. The post, found in a remote work community on Reddit, has garnered 17 comments within the last fifteen hours. It alleges that a candidate applied for a remote data entry position on Indeed with Cherokee Communications but received a response from Corrib Capital instead.

On Indeed

Corrib Capital offered a job at $29 per hour for remote work, with a maximum of 40 hours per week. Some individuals have reported these alleged fake job offers from Corrib Capital to the Indeed job portal. Many others have confirmed receiving similar emails and expressed confusion regarding the offers.

The phone number and website of Corrib Capital are currently inaccessible to job applicants. Those new to the job market have expressed gratitude for the post, thanking the account holder for the informative alert.

On Twitter

A similar post has also appeared on Twitter, claiming that fake interviews and fraudulent checks are being used to extract money from beneficiaries’ accounts.

On LinkedIn

While Corrib Capital has a presence on LinkedIn, no official company profile has claimed it. The LinkedIn page states that the company is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with an estimated employee count of 15-20.

Greg Weaver and Corrib Capital Management

Greg Weaver also has a LinkedIn profile, but it does not contain any information related to Corrib Capital.

Kevin Cavanaugh’s LinkedIn Profile

Greg Weaver’s LinkedIn profile lists Kevin Cavanaugh, as the CEO of Invicta Capital Management, and it indicates that he worked for Kern Capital Management from March 1997 to December 2007. In the post about Greg Weaver and Corrib Capital Management, Kevin Cavanaugh is mentioned as the portfolio manager of Corrib Capital, with his LinkedIn profile indicating that he worked for Corrib Capital from April 2015 to December 2020.

Kevin Cavanaugh has 650 followers on LinkedIn and is listed as a co-founder of Mustang Litigation Funding. Some websites have labelled Corrib Capital as an inactive company, making previous information about it appear irrelevant.

Corrib Capital Management Reviews

Corrib Capital initially operated as an investment fund manager, providing advice to clients on selecting suitable investment schemes. Some blog posts on review portals suggest that the company made promises of high returns but lacked transparency in its operations. The inaccessibility of its website and the circulation of certain posts related to Corrib Capital on social media have raised concerns about the company’s credibility.


It’s worth noting that Corrib Capital Management Scam does not have customer feedback available on public review sites. However, the general sentiment from various sources suggests that Corrib Capital is viewed with suspicion, and potential investors are advised to thoroughly verify its legitimacy before engaging with the company.

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