Diehard Vs Interstate Battery: Main Difference?

Are you also searching for the potential difference between the Diehard vs Interstate battery?

Diehard and Interstate batteries are AGM batteries mainly designed for automobile engines. These batteries have a lot of similarities but have some differences in the long term. In this guide, we will explore the differences between diehard and interstate batteries to choose the befitting battery for your car. 

What is a Diehard Battery?

Diehard is one of the prominent brands in the industry that offers Platinum AGM batteries of 12V. These batteries work as cranking batteries and help provide power to your car’s motor. The non-alloy lead plates in it make it the most reliable design in the market. 

Generally, these diehard batteries last longer and are easy to maintain, but they are also a little more expensive than the others in the market. It is manufactured in the United States. These batteries allow holding more charging compared to other batteries because of the lead-acid batteries. 

These batteries have fewer electrolytes, which doesn’t require you to fill the water more frequently and reduces the chances of the battery leaking and damaging your car. The DieHard Red 650 CCA is one of the leading batteries in the market. 

Therefore, a diehard battery is one of the best options for people looking for a long-lasting and reliable car battery. While choosing the diehard batteries, you should look for the higher cold cranking amps (CCA) rating as it allows you to ignite the engine even in extreme weather conditions. 


  • These batteries are made up to last longer during extreme weather conditions. 
  • These batteries come in varied sizes and configurations, which makes them a versatile battery option. You can use them in cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, and motorcycles. 
  • These batteries are not required to be watered regularly, which makes them a maintenance-free option. 


  • These batteries are a little more costly than the other option present in the market. 
  • It is a lead-acid battery, and lead is considered a toxic substance for the environment. 

What is an Interstate Battery?

Interstate Batteries is also one of the popular battery brands in Mexico. They also offer AGM 12V batteries. These batteries also work as cranking batteries and help provide power to your automobile’s motor. These batteries are also high-quality and reliable. 

These interstate batteries are popularly called the “mfr” batteries, as they offer befitting batteries for a certain car model. Therefore, if this battery suits your car, it would be perfect. All interstate battery users have had their trust in this brand for years. 

Interstate DCMO100 Group 31 Marine Battery is one of the go-to battery options of this company. This brand also offers a variety of batteries to fulfill most of the market’s requirements. They also create high-quality batteries for mini vehicles, including golf carts, man lifts, and security system backups. 


  • These batteries are highly durable and reliable, making them a dependable power ignition source for your car. They work perfectly in extreme weather conditions. 
  • They provide trained professionals to properly install the battery in your car or any other automobile.  
  • They also offer a 2-year free replacement guarantee for the purchase date. 


  • Some real incidents have shown that interstate batteries have gone dead before even touching the stipulated period. 
  • It is also an expensive option, just like the diehard batteries.
  • It is also made up of lead, making it a toxic environmental substance. 

Diehard Vs Interstate Battery: Which One To Choose? 

The DieHard and Interstate battery are among the best options for qualitative and reliable automobile battery options. Thus, we have mentioned some of the differences here, which will help you get clarity in choosing the right battery for your automobile. 

1. Availability 

Diehard Batteries are widely available at the Sears and Kmart stores in the entire US, while the Interstate Batteries are only available to authorized Interstate dealers. 

2. Features 

Diehard Batteries are designed to handle the car’s vibrations and extreme temperatures easily. Thus, they are more durable with less maintenance but need to be kept with a little care; otherwise, they will require more money in the long run. 

Interstate Batteries can not guarantee heavy-duty usage in harsh conditions. They won’t be a great fit to handle extreme temperatures like the DieHard batteries. However, they don’t need any maintenance with care to run better in the long term. 

3. Construction

Diehard Batteries and Interstate Batteries are lead-acid AGM batteries and are available for various cars. However, there may be a major difference in the technology used in both batteries. 

4. Reserve Capacity 

Diehard Batteries came up with a 170 minutes reserve capacity, while Interstate Batteries had a 140 minutes reserve capacity. 

5. Cold Cranking Amperes 

Diehard Batteries offer 685 CCA, while Interstate Batteries offer 800 CCA. 

6. Cranking Amperes 

Diehard Batteries offer 885 CA, while Interstate Batteries offer 1000 CA.

7. Endurance 

Diehard Batteries have an endurance of around 400 cycles, and Interstate Batteries have 600-700 cycles. These cycles indicate how many times you can charge the battery before needing to be replaced. However, both batteries work for around 2-5 years. 

8. Lifespan

Diehard batteries can easily be worked for 3-5 years, while the Interstate Batteries would last only around 3 years. Thus, diehard batteries have a bigger lifespan than interstate batteries. 

9. Warranty

Both the Diehard Batteries and Interstate Batteries come up with a legit warranty period that allows you to replace the battery if it gets damaged during the warranty period. However, the specific warranty period depends on the battery you purchase.

10. Eco-Friendly Batteries 

Diehard Batteries produce automobile batteries that produce 20% less greenhouse gas to the environment, while Interstate Batteries do not produce any such automobile batteries. They produce the same greenhouse gas. 


We have mentioned all the required points in the article to define the difference between diehard vs interstate batteries to choose the right one for your car. We hope you like the guide and select which one is better to select.

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