Earnwithpatricia.com: Explore the Features and Legitimacy

In this article, we will probe into the details of Earnwithpatricia.com, providing information about its features, services, and legitimacy.

About Earnwithpatricia.com

Earnwithpatricia.com is a relatively new website that claims to revolutionize the online sales and marketing business. It distinguishes itself by not offering marketing courses, coaching programs, e-books, or upselling materials to teach you, but also on how to become an online marketing millionaire.

Earn easily with Copy and Paste Tasks

One of the primary tasks for members of Earnwithpatricia.com is the simple yet lucrative act of copying and pasting links. Earnwithpatricia.com provides members with links to share, and the platform guides them on where to post these links. This straightforward process allows members to potentially earn daily commissions ranging from $10 to $100, making it an accessible way to generate income.

Building a Rotating Traffic Network

Earnwithpatricia.com also builds a network for rotating traffic, with a significant portion of its traffic coming from various domains such as learngetpaid.com, my25dollerbiz.com, libertyquestshg.com, and many others.

Diverse Traffic Sources

Earnwithpatricia.com taps into a variety of traffic sources to reach a broad audience. These sources include:

Direct Traffic: Visitors who directly access the website.

Referrals: Users who land on the platform through referrals.

Search Engines: Traffic generated from search engine queries.

Social Media: Earnwithpatricia.com maintains a notable presence on popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Meta Messenger.

By leveraging these diverse traffic sources and engaging with a wide range of potential users, Earnwithpatricia.com aims to provide its members with ample opportunities for earning commissions through link sharing.

Specifications of Earnwithpatricia.com

  • The owner’s identity of Earnwithpatricia.com is concealed through paid privacy services.
  • It is registered with GoDaddy.com LLC.
  • The website has an average visitor duration of approximately 2 minutes and 23 seconds, with a bounce rate of 62.37%.
  • To date, Earnwithpatricia.com has attracted over 227,000 visitors, primarily between the ages of 55 and 64, with nearly an equal distribution of male and female visitors.
  • The website receives most of its monthly visitors from the United States (99%) and Canada (1%), with an estimated traffic value of $2.8.
  • Earnwithpatricia.com boasts a fast load time of 1.14 minutes, with a 73% C-performance grade.
  • It has a substantial backlink profile, including 586 do-follow links.

Pros of Earnwithpatricia.com

  • Earnwithpatricia.com handles various aspects of the business, including email auto-responses, lead responses, customer filtering, mobile application support, API integration, website maintenance, commission checks, and merchant account management.
  • Members are required to pay a low monthly fee of $20.
  • Member benefits include significant discounts on hotel stays, flight tickets, monthly bills, car rentals, and travel expenses.

Cons of Earnwithpatricia.com

  • The claimed earnings are presented as examples and are not guaranteed.
  • The platform promotes unrealistic claims of daily commissions and earning by working less.

Legitimacy of Earnwithpatricia.com

  1. Earnwithpatricia.com has gained a trust score of 96%, indicating a high level of trustworthiness.
  2. Business credibility has decreased by 21.6%, suggesting a potential decline in business reputation.
  3. The website has a 10% suspicion score, indicating some level of uncertainty.
  4. It has a 20% threat score, which may imply security concerns.
  5. Phishing and malware scores have increased by 9% and 20%, respectively, raising concerns about user safety.
  6. Earnwithpatricia.com has an Alexa rank of 247,460 and a Domain Authority (DA) score of 44/100.

Registration Details

  • The website was registered over a year ago and was last updated two months ago, indicating business continuity.
  • Its domain is set to expire in approximately 9 months and 24 days.

Customer Reviews

  • Video reviews presented on Earnwithpatricia.com are overwhelmingly positive, raising suspicions about their authenticity.
  • Neutral reviews about Earnwithpatricia.com were found on more than 20 websites and 100+ video reviews.
  • However, individual user reviews from independent sources, customer review websites, and social media platforms were not readily available.


Earnwithpatricia.com is a platform that offers an unconventional approach to online marketing. While it promises the opportunity to earn commissions by simply sharing links, its legitimacy and credibility raise some concerns. The website’s trust score is relatively high, but its business reputation and suspicion score have seen a decline. Additionally, increased threat, phishing, and malware scores indicate potential security risks.

Given the lack of independent user reviews and the presence of highly positive video reviews on the platform itself, caution is advised when considering involvement with Earnwithpatricia.com. It is essential to conduct thorough research and exercise discretion before participating in any online marketing endeavours.

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