Gary Plauche Video Real Footage: Did He Commit His Son’s Kidnapper’s Murder and Face Legal Consequences?

Gary Plauche Video Real Footage: What’s the genuine story behind the Gary Plauche video footage on Reddit? Who took the life of his son’s abductor? Was there legal action taken? Dive into the specifics right here.

Gary Plauche Video Real Footage

Gary Plauche, a Louisiana resident from Baton Rouge, gained nationwide attention in 1984 for an incident involving the fatal shooting of Jeff Doucet. Doucet had abducted and assaulted Plauche’s son, Jody Plauche, and the event unfolded at the Baton Rouge City airport. Although this is an older case, the video footage of the incident has recently resurfaced on the internet, sparking renewed interest.

Gary Plauche Shoots Son’s Kidnapper

Jeff Doucet, a martial arts instructor and an acquaintance of the Plauche family, had taken the 11-year-old Jody from Baton Rouge to California without parental consent. Upon their return to Baton Rouge, Doucet was apprehended at the airport. The incident dates back to 1984, yet it continues to captivate audiences seeking details.

Gary Plauche Reddit is gaining traction as the video shows Plauche shooting Doucet in the head at close range while Doucet was being escorted through the airport by law enforcement. A news crew present at the scene captured the whole event on camera.

Did Gary Plauche Serve Jail Time?

Plauche was promptly arrested and charged with second-degree murder. However, due to the circumstances of the case and public sentiment, a plea deal was offered. Plauche pleaded guilty to manslaughter and received a seven-year probationary sentence with counselling. Many inquire, “Was Gary Plauche Convicted?”

The incident sparked a nationwide debate about parental protection measures and vigilantism. While some advocated for the judicial system’s involvement, others sympathized with Plauche’s actions.

Aftermath of Gary Plauche’s Act

Gary Plauche maintained a low profile and refrained from illegal activities post the incident. He passed away on October 10, 2014, at 68, having suffered multiple strokes. Plauche appeared in various documentaries, and his case was featured in numerous shows.

In an interview, Plauche expressed no remorse for his actions and stated he would do it again to safeguard his son. Did Gary Plauche Go to Jail? Yes, he did. The incident stands as a significant example of a parent going to extreme lengths to protect their child. The recent viral circulation of the video depicting the shooting has revived interest.


In this piece, we discussed the Gary Plauche Reddit case, an event from 1984 that has resurfaced on social media. It involved a man who abducted Gary’s son, leading to the fatal shooting of the abductor. Plauche faced imprisonment for this act. The incident, though dated, remains a stark illustration of a parent’s unwavering defence of their child.

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