Haitaconline. com: Specifications and Legitimacy Assessment

Are you in search of One-piece games for your PC, iOS, or Android devices in Vietnam? Haitaconline.com has surfaced as a potential solution, offering One-piece installation packages with exclusive rewards and tournaments. This article probes into Haitaconline.com, examining its features, services, and legitimacy.


Haitaconline.com is a relatively new website that specializes in providing a 2D Online Role-playing Game with a OnePiece storyline. It facilitates the import of its MOD OnePiece game for both Windows and Android devices. Since July 2023, Haitaconline.com has actively been creating content and technical support articles for its website and Facebook pages.

Platform Testing and Availability

The website is currently in the process of testing its OnePiece iOS version through users on the TestFlight iOS emulator. It has offered various testing phases, including Fan Cung, Alpha Test, and Chinh Thuc Khai Mo, on specific dates in September and October 2023. Additional files for importing are available via mediafire.com.

Analysing Haitaconline.com Features

Haitaconline.com operates using server serial# 079e492886376fd40848c23fc631e463, with a focus on vivienne.ns.cloudflare.com ( in the USA and wilson.ns.cloudflare.com ( in Japan. The website is registered with Mat Bao Corporation and relies on CloudFlare Inc., a British-based ISP. Notably, Haitaconline.com currently possesses no backlinks, and its Tranco traffic rank is classified as poor.

As for its web traffic, Haitaconline.com has recorded 6.7K visitors to date, signifying a substantial 1463% increase since its inception. Visitors spend an average of 00:15:32 on the site, exploring approximately 7.07 pages per visit. Demographically, the website primarily attracts visitors from Vietnam, with 100% of its traffic originating from its Facebook pages.


  • Haitaconline.com enhances HPs/attacks in various games, including Vua hải tặc, Tứ hoàng, Thất vũ hải, Siêu tân tinh, Tài phiệtĐại gia, and Hải tặc.
  • It offers more opportunities for gamers to acquire free stands and in-game currencies.
  • The launch of Tai Phien Ban on Google Play Store is imminent.


  • Haitaconline.com lacks essential elements such as a mission statement, terms, policies, and owner identity.
  • Contact information, including customer service email, contact number, and physical address, is conspicuously absent.
  • Links to import OnePiece for PC and Android devices lead to blank pages.

Assessing Haitaconline.com’s Legitimacy

Haitaconline.com has earned an average trust score of 82%↑, but it exhibits poor ratings in other aspects, including business (47.6%↓), suspicion (38%↑), threat (29%↑), phishing (27%↑), malware (29%↑), and spam (1%↓). Its Alexa rank stands at a low 3,057,259↓, and its Domain Authority (DA) is a mere 1/100↓.

Haitaconline.com Registration and Update Details

In terms of registration, Haitaconline.com was established on March 28, 2023, making it a 6-month-old website. Frequent updates, with the latest occurring 17 days ago on September 23, 2023, indicate ongoing business activities. The website’s domain registration is set to expire on March 28, 2025, providing an extended life expectancy.

Security Measures and Domain Validity for Haitaconline.com

Moreover, Haitaconline.com has not been blacklisted, maintains valid HTTPS protocol, and boasts an IP address ( with Low-Domain Validated Certificates (DV-SSL) issued by Let’s Encrypt, valid for the next 74 days.

Customer Reviews and Social Media Presence

Customer reviews are limited, with five positive website reviews, two TikTok reviews, and one YouTube review. On Facebook, Haitaconline.com boasts 39 reviews, rating it at 4.8/5 stars. Notably, the website itself does not feature user reviews. Social media activity centres around Facebook pages tagged with #haitaconline and #hto. These pages offer diamonds, promotional offers, developmental updates, in-game stands, and gift codes to engage users.

Final Thoughts

While Haitaconline.com has garnered a degree of trust, its game installation packages come with certain risks, such as the need to install additional apps and make potentially risky device modifications.

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