How Do I Delete a Site On Weebly?

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Creating a Weebly site for private or professional use is a simple process. However, maintaining a website over the long term requires a significant time and financial commitment.

However, many people wish to shut down their websites since they cannot invest regular time or money. Weebly provides several ways to address this issue, and we will outline each in this section.

Site deletion causes and fixes in Weebly

Here are a few reasons why Weebly customers might want to deactivate a website or account.

Limited Number of Test Sites

Ten websites can be created per Weebly account. You might occasionally build a test website to evaluate a function or an application. Since there is no ability to preview the webpage before publishing, this is common among Weebly users. The real-time preview of the CSS set in the primary stylesheet will be displayed in the Weebly editor. Nevertheless, the editor does not allow you to see style codes that you insert using the embedded code section or in the header. 

In these circumstances, it is not an intelligent option to experiment on the actual website; therefore, the best action is to quickly build a test site by making a clone of the live site, then evaluate the elements on it. You will fast hit the maximum of 10 testing sites if you have many test websites. To construct a new testing site, you should thus erase the old ones.

Site Accessibility Issues

Another subject is holding your live site inaccessible to users and search engines for some time. It might be for a straightforward page rearranging or for debugging concerns. Robots.txt alone won’t solve the problem because visitors can still reach the site via direct URLs. 

In this situation, Weebly provides the option to “un-publish” and remove the entire website.

Scaling Up the Business

Last but not least, you might actually want to remove the entire account and uninstall Weebly. It can be because you’re scaling back your company’s online presence or moving to a different platform, such as WordPress.

We’ll cover all of your options for deleting your Weebly site and how to delete a whole site and unpublish a site in this guide.

How to Delete a current Weebly website?

Remember that if you delete a Weebly site, you completely delete all of the website’s material (pictures, text, videos, etc.) from your Weebly account. You should make a backup of your Weebly website if you ever need to recover it.

Having said that, go into your Weebly account first if you wish to deactivate your Weebly website.

  • Click the top-left drop-down list on the account dashboard.
  • Within the Weebly dashboard, choose a website.
  • Your previously constructed Weebly sites will be listed in a sidebar.
  • To delete a site, use the three dots option.
  • The website you want to delete can be deactivated by selecting the three dots menu (also known as the more options symbol).
  • Select Delete Site next.
  • A window for approval will appear. Please note that once you delete a site, you cannot recover it in the long run.
  • To altogether remove the Weebly website, click Delete Site once more.
  • The Weebly site has now been erased, and you will be taken to the Weebly dashboard.

How to unpublish a Weebly Site?

You can partially remove your website from the web and unpublish it on Weebly.

Unpublishing a Weebly website momentarily disables the URL instead of deleting a site, which causes you to irreversibly lose all of its data.

If you visit a Weebly website that has not yet been published, you will see a 404 Error — Page Not Found.

404 Error – Page Not Found will be displayed to the user. You may still re-publish a blog after you unpublish it since you will get to save all of its stuff. To unpublish a website:

  1. Go to your Weebly account and log in before unpublishing a site. Before clicking Edit Site, ensure you have chosen the right website.
  2. Ensure the webpage you are updating is the right one.
  3. Visit the website’s settings sections.
  4. Go to the bottom of the webpage in the General tab. An unpublish website button will be shown.
  5. A verification notice will appear once you click the Un-Publish Site button to unpublish the site.
  6. Click Yes to un-publish the Weebly website.

Points to Keep in Mind

While deleting a Weebly site or account, the following are some things to consider.

Go to the “Pages” option if you only like to remove the blog part from your website. Delete the page you selected from your blog. All blog entries that are linked to that blog page will be deleted.

There is no trash bin on Weebly, and there is no way to get back the erased content. Therefore, only eliminate if you are sure of your actions.

If you need assistance from Weebly and wish to retrieve your account information, go to the account recovery page and complete the form.

We advise linking your social media accounts to Weebly to avoid using email as a login method. Doing this will make you less likely to forget your Weebly account’s email address or password.

Even if there was a plan to combine Square and Weebly accounts, you might still access your Weebly account without one.

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