How Do I Make My Facebook Profile Picture Blank?

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When you converse with someone on Facebook earlier, finding their profile image blank can be unclear. You could be sure if the profile is active or if there was a technical malfunction.

It is even more difficult if you are connected to that person online. The most frequent causes of seeing a blank Facebook profile image, as well as what to do and how to create an empty profile, will be covered in this guide.

What do you Understand by Blank Profile Picture on Facebook?

On Facebook, a blank profile picture indicates that the individual has blocked you or that their profile has been deleted or deactivated. Additionally, the user had the option of keeping their profile photo private. The particular account may have been hacked, so the profile picture has been deleted.

Causes of the Blank Profile Pictures –

Well, there are many reasons why you can see Blank Profile Pictures. Some of the most common are:

Reason 1 – You are blocked

The most common reason is you are blocked. If someone stops you on Facebook, you cannot see their profile pictures or post. 

After banning someone, you won’t see their latest posts or comments. However, their older ones will still be accessible. To be confident that this is the case, however, you must be specific.

Reason 2 – The user has deactivated their account

It is another one of the most common reasons. You won’t be able to see the user’s profile image in Messenger or conversation if they have canceled their Facebook account. The account has probably been deactivated even if a third-party programmer allows you to view their profile.

To find out if the account has been disabled, you can also look for the following signs:

Check your friend List:

You can still see them on your list of friends if they deactivated their account but didn’t previously unfriend you. Examining the friend list –

  • First, you have to go to your profile.
  • Choose your friends.
  • In the search box, click the search symbol and type your friend’s name.
  • Find them and see if you can see their profile picture. If not, that may indicate their account has been disabled. Additionally, you can be sure if it says “Account Deactivated.”

Reason 3 – The Facebook account is Private

Facebook users can choose to keep their friend lists, images, videos, and other information concealed from the public to maintain more privacy and control over their profiles. Users can choose whether they want a post to be visible to all of their friends, a selected group of friends, or just themselves on Facebook.

The account is likely private if you visit someone’s page and can view their profile photo.

Along with these reasons, there are many more reasons, like the Facebook browser not working or a person has set a blank profile.

How Can I Create A Blank Profile Image?

You can create a blank profile picture by just uploading a blank image to your profile. As an alternative, you can remove your Facebook profile photo. In such a case, a blank photograph will be your default profile picture. Follow the instructions for each approach below.

Method 1 – Upload an Empty Image

For the first technique, you must post a photo on your Facebook profile that is either white or entirely black. The steps are as follows:

  • Find a blank image online.
  • Download or save the image on your device.
  • Next, access your Facebook account.
  • Select your name in the top-left corner to see your profile.
  • Choose a profile photo.
  • Press the Update profile picture button.
  • Select the empty image and click Update to change your profile photo.

Method 2 – Delete the Facebook profile picture.

Deleting the profile photo is the second way to create a blank profile. The steps are as follows:

  • To start, visit your profile and click the profile photo.
  • Select View profile photo.
  • When the image is opened, select Delete Photo by clicking the three dots in the top right corner.


After reading this blog, you can now know “How Do I Make My Facebook Profile Picture Blank.” Here, in this blog, we have discussed two different methods. You can choose any one which resonates with you. This blog will help you, and you can make your Facebook profile blank.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)-

  • Whose profile photo vanished and why?

One of the following possibilities could explain why you cannot view someone else’s last seen and online information, profile picture, about, status, or read receipts: A temporary network problem exists. Your privacy settings for the last seen profile photo and you or the user have updated online status. It would be best if you resynced your contacts with that of the user.

  • Does someone’s Facebook profile image disappear after they block you?

The user has not removed or deactivated their account. Thus you may still be barred if you can still see their profile photo and name at the top of the conversation. However, if their old photo has been replaced by a grey silhouette of a person in their profile, they have probably canceled their account and not blocked you.

  • A blocked profile’s appearance?

You’ve probably been blocked if you can’t locate a private account. If the performance is public, you can’t see the profile image, number of posts, number of followers, or number of followings when you visit their page, and the photo grid area says “No Posts Yet,” you have undoubtedly been blocked.

  • When I block someone, how does my profile look?

By blocking someone, your profile is essentially hidden from other users. You cannot in any way view their Facebook profile page. Therefore, neither you nor the person you blocked will be able to add anything new to the other’s timeline. The same goes for your ability to view one another’s posts and comments on shared sites.

  • Does blocking someone injure them?

It is perfectly acceptable to block someone, and you should be free to do so without feeling guilty or hesitant. You are responsible for looking after your mental health; therefore, if a relationship with someone is causing you to lose your peace of mind, you should block it.

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