How Do You Restart A Duolingo Course?

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Duolingo is a fantastic language learning app that allows learners to learn any of the languages in a gamified format. Thus, they feel engaged and learn many things and eventually the language in this gamified journey. 

So many people like to restart their entire course after learning and testing some of the basics of the language to score better from all the over starting or to get the same experience again for a better understanding of the basics. 

Thus, in this guide, we have mentioned the easy step-by-step method of “how do you restart a Duolingo course”. We have also mentioned many other details regarding Duolingo that will help you know more about it. 

Let’s begin the guide !! 

What Is Duolingo App?

Duolingo is a language learning app where you can practice vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and listening skills using spaced repetition. Here, students learn the language through engaging games. Duolingo has 100+ courses offered in more than 40 distinct languages all over the world. 

Duolingo has more than 500 million users and works on the freemium model. Thus, it attracts the learners to use their top-rated courses with millions of other students to spread healthy competition.

How Does Duolingo Work?

Duolingo has various courses available on the homepage. You can select the course per the language you want to learn and then see the scheduled modules. This will develop skills in you.

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In Duolingo, you get the modules in the series, and you must complete all the modules in a line sequence. Thus, you can only access the next one when you finish the first module. 

Here, you can also give the test of groups of modules or even of an individual. 

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It is more like a story game you have to play daily. Thus, you also get a “key” to avoid or skip the topics that you feel you already know very well. You get this key only when you successfully pass the test because you have to show that you genuinely deserve that key. 

Pros and Cons of Duolingo


  • It teaches the language in the gaming format. Thus it keeps the engagement, and people learn faster. 
  • It consists of simple and decent language in the start to give people a kickstart. 
  • It has several visual revision reminders. 
  • It has an eye-catching and excellent interface. 
  • You will learn through the visual images and prompts for better adapting. 
  • You will also benefit from Duolingo stories and podcasts, speeding up your learning journey. 


  • Some users find the gamified structure a little bit of stress. 
  • People generally don’t find anything coming in an organized manner.
  • You can practice the pronunciation, but there will be no human interaction which will never build your absolute confidence. 
  • You will see several complex sentences used during the learning process that you won’t generally see anywhere else. 

How Do You Restart A Duolingo Course?

There is a step-by-step process to restart a Duolingo course. 

  • If you want to restart your Duolingo course and start from the beginning or scratch all over. 
  • Firstly, you have to look for a blue button written as “Reset Progress.” 
  • Then, you must select a big red button, “Remove”. It will help you remove all the traces of the tree you would have built. 
  • It will remove all the small details, such as the flag next to your name or profile. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  • Can I Redo Duolingo Course?

No, you can not redo any individual lessons on Duolingo. Although, after level 5, you can preview all the materials. You can also skip any module if you can pass its test. 

  • How Do You Delete Data On Duolingo?

If you want to remove all your data from Duolingo, you have to go to the Duolingo Drive-Thru and select a big red button: “Erase Personal Data.” 

Alternatively, you can delete your data through deletion requests for iOS apps. 

  • Which Language Is the Easiest to Learn?

There are several languages that you can learn quickly:

  1. Dutch
  2. Norwegian
  3. Spanish
  4. Portuguese
  5. Italian
  • How Long Does It Take to Learn A Language On Duolingo?

When you sign up for Duolingo, it asks you to set up your daily goals, and you have to choose between 10-20 minutes daily to learn. It has around 387.5 hours of material. Thus, on average, if you go for even 15-minutes daily, it will take 1550 days. 

  • How Do I Reset A Course In Duolingo On iPhone?

There is a simple step-by-step process to reset a course on iPhone:

  1. Press the profile tab on the app. 
  2. Click on the settings option and then scroll to find the “Manage Courses”. 
  3. Click on the “Manage Courses.”
  4. Then select the courses you want to remove and confirm by clicking on the “Delete Course.”


We hope this article helps you understand – “how do you restart a Duolingo course?” We have also covered many other essential details regarding the Duolingo app in the article. 

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