How Long Does A Stiiizy Battery Last?

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Stiiizy battery is one of the best batteries for the vape cartridges. It works depending on its battery. Thus, the battery lasts long for the less frequent users, while it doesn’t last long for the less-frequent users. 

In this article, we will learn how long a stiiizy battery lasts and how you can keep your battery running longer. Let’s begin the guide!! 

The lifespan of A Stiiizy Battery

A stiiizy battery can easily last upto 3 years if you take care of it properly. A battery takes around 30-45 minutes to charge fully, and thus you should not overcharge it. Otherwise, it will lose its lifespan. 

Therefore, how you sustain and maintain these batteries will eventually decide their lifespan. Moreover, you should also ensure you constantly change your pods to maintain your battery. 

It would help if you understood that the stiiizy batteries have the same importance as the vape pens. Because if your siiizy battery gets ruined, you won’t be able to use the vape pen. Thus, it would help if you kept it well to maintain it long-term. 

To maintain it better, you should regularly clean the battery. If you find it difficult to clean the battery after every use, then at least clean it after 3-5 uses. The same goes for your pods; you should also clean them regularly.

The environment also matters. Thus, it would help if you kept it in a dry and cool environment. Please keep it away from direct contact with sunlight and freezing weather. In fact, you can also refer to the manufacturer’s manual to keep the batteries working for a more extended period. 

How To Know When Your Stiiizy Battery Is Bad? 

Stiiizy creates excellent products, and they have mastered creating the batteries. All the stiiizy batteries are made up of rechargeable lithium-ion. Thus, you can use this battery for longer just by charging it. 

You can not say that these batteries will last forever. If you feel your battery is bad, you have to look at its LED screen. Simply put, the white light shows that the pod is activated and in perfect working condition. 

However, your battery might not work if it is dead and is already 2-3 years old. Generally, the batteries get dead if you often keep them at 100% or 0%. This reduces the lifespan of the battery. We won’t suggest you recharge your battery when it completely ends.

There are several reasons why your battery might not be working. We have mentioned some of them below. 

  • It could be due to faulty connections. 
  • It could be due to your burnt atomizer. 
  • Your cartridge is not full. 

Most of the time, when your battery dies, you just have to replace it. You can buy one more from the stiiizy. These batteries are also not water-resistant. 

Different Models of Stiiizy Battery

There are various models of stiiizy batteries. The model you choose highly depends upon how frequently you use the vape. Generally, there are two types of stiiizy batteries. Let’s have a look at them and figure out which is suitable for you. 

  • Official Stiiizy Battery

Official stiiizy batteries are rechargeable batteries with 210mAh power capacity. It is befitting for new users and those who don’t hit the pod frequently. It is a long-lasting battery and provides a gun-free and lead-free experience. 

However, it is small, allowing you to use it only for a few days. It won’t be a suitable battery if you’re not a frequent vaper. It comes up with a 400F heating temperature and gives you maximum flavor. As it is a rechargeable battery, it comes with a USB cable port to fully charge it in 30 minutes. 

  • Official Stiiizy Biiig Battery

The stiiizy biiig battery is one of the most suitable for frequent users. The only difference between this model and the previous model is the battery’s capacity. It comes up with a 550mAh battery life. 

Like the previous one, it also has a heating temperature of 400F. It is a highly durable battery. Thus, you don’t need to change the battery every week. However, if you want a battery with a much better lifespan, you can purchase the official stiiizy power case of 750mAh. 

How Much Should You Recharge Your Battery? 

You should always fully charge your stiiizy battery to gain its optimal performance. It would help if you neither overcharged it nor let it always stay at zero because it will reduce your battery’s lifespan. 

Charging your battery should depend upon how often you use it. In fact, you should also use the original USB cable to keep your battery durable for a longer time. 

Heavy users generally get the battery run out after five charges. But, the users who take the quickdraws would get the battery at least up to 10 charges. 

Final Words 

Stizzy batteries last depending upon the uses. The batteries last based on how frequently and infrequently you use a vape cartridge. In this guide, we have mentioned this phenomenon in detail. We hope you like this guide and find all the relevant information. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How long should Stiiizy battery last?

There are two types of stiiizy batteries – Official Stiiizy Battery and BIIIG Battery. The official battery works for around 48 hours to 2 months once you fully charge it. The BIIIG battery doesn’t last for more than forty minutes after its full charge. 

  • How long does a Stiiizy battery last to charge?

If you want to extend your battery’s lifespan, avoid overcharging it. As far as the battery charging is concerned, it would take around 45 minutes to get charged fully. 

  • How do I know if my Stiiizy battery is bad?

Firstly you should make sure that your battery is bad or it is your charging cable. You can also check your battery with the pH pen. You must place the pH pen into your battery’s hole and let it work for a few seconds. If you find a reading of 4.6 or lower, it is undoubtedly defective. 

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