How Long Does Oculus Quest 2 Battery Life Work?

Oculus Quest 2 Battery finely works for 2-3 hours non-stop. It has an excellent capacity to handle a good refresh rate game or any high-quality movie or series. However, as time rolled out, your Oculus battery started getting depleted, and it didn’t work as effectively after some time. This guide will discuss how long Oculus Quest 2 battery works work and how you can improve it.

What is the Oculus Quest 2 Battery Life? 

Oculus Quest 2 Battery generally works three hours for usual movie watching or gameplay with low refresh rates. However, it widely depends upon the usage. For instance, if you play the games at 120Hz refresh time, it will only work for a maximum of 2 hours. 

You can also use the VR while charging your battery, but it pressurizes it. It eventually makes your battery life uncomfortable because of its cable movement. 

How Long Does It Take To Charge The Oculus Quest 2?

The Oculus Quest 2 battery generally takes 2.5 hours to charge the battery from total zero fully. You can quickly charge it with the USB-C adapter or use the charging dock for the headset or controller. 

You can use the Oculus App or Oculus Home in VR to monitor the recharge progress. When it 

gets fully charged, you can easily use it for 2 hours for gaming and 3 hours for watching movies. However, many of the Oculus Quest 2 VR lose their battery earlier. There are specific reasons behind it, which we will discuss in the next section. 

4 Reasons Why Your Oculus Quest 2 Battery Doesn’t Last

Once you significantly use the Oculus Quest 2 battery for some time. It starts showing a decline in its battery life. There are specific reasons why these VR will lose their battery soon. 

1. Poor Charging Cycle 

This VR battery is made up of Li-on, which requires it to have a good charging cycle. Thus, if you let your battery charge drop below 20%, it starts increasing the temperature and has less power. 

You should also only charge after it is less than 80%. Otherwise, it will stress out your battery. Thus, keep your charging cycle proper if you want it to remain appropriate with time. 

2. Expose It To Extreme Heat Levels

If the Oculus Quest battery pack gets to an extremely hot or cold temperature, its ions start losing their power and hold capacity. Therefore, you should ensure to avoid getting your battery into such events. Otherwise, it will damage your battery from the inside. 

3. How You Keep Your Gadget

A study by Battery University has revealed that keeping your battery percentage constant, around 80-100%, will result in rising temperatures. This decreases the life of the battery level. Your 100% battery would work at only 65% in just three molines. Therefore, maintain the battery charging cycle. 

4. Constant Internet Connection 

There are a lot of updates and downloads in the Quest 2 gadget. It will allow various new and unique games for your player. At the same time, it will burden your device’s battery by consuming more power. Thus, you need to take care of any unnecessary downloads and installations. 

8 Tips To Improve Your Oculus Quest 2 Battery Life

1. Power off After Use 

Once you’re done playing with the VR, you should shut it down completely. Click and hold down the power button till the light gets off. However, if you take a break from any game or movie, you should remove them from the background. Later, put your device on rest mode. It will allow you to play longer and increase your VR battery life. 

2. Only Use The Original Charger 

Though the Quest 2 can easily be charged with any USB-C cable, you should set it only with the original charger in the box. Moreover, it would help if you used the cable to have the optimum battery life and performance. In short, it is better to avoid any third-party charger, as it could damage the battery. 

3. Unplug The Quest 2 After Charging

Once your Quest 2 gets fully charged, unplug your device. Leaving it connected even after the battery negatively impacts the performance of the battery in the longer run. 

4. Take Some Additional Batteries 

Consider increasing the Oculus Quest 2 battery life with an elite strap. It will allow you to have an extra three hours of battery and also let you have a more comfortable head strap that helps in counterweight. 

It also comes up with a battery level monitoring feature that allows you to know the exact battery charging. It also has a carrying case with extra batteries to swap out when needed. 

5. Use Oculus Link Cable 

Quest 2 is a standalone headset, but unlike others, it can easily connect to your PC to play various other games. Therefore, Oculus Link enhances the gaming experience. However, Meta doesn’t recommend you to play the VR while connected, but the Oculus Link is an exception. It will significantly increase your gaming experience by several hours. 

6. Adjust Power Settings  

The Quest 2 comes up with several already adjusted batteries that consume the battery so much. You can make several changes to improve your Oculus Quest 2 battery life. For instance, you can change the auto-wake feature and auto-sleep timer to make your battery life in your favor. 

7. Turn Off The WiFi

We need to remember to turn off the WiFi even between offline games. If you are playing offline 

games, turn off your WiFi, as it will help you use the VR for a little longer. 

8. Contact Support 

If you find your VR battery lacking at any point, then you should contact the support team. These Oculus devices come up with the finest warranty of around a year. It helps you provide another battery if they find any fault in your battery. 

To Wrap Up 

These are ways to keep your Oculus Quest 2 battery working fine for a longer run. These batteries work for around 3 hours efficiently while watching movies or series or playing games. But, It also becomes the reason for ruining your battery. If you follow the tips mentioned above, you can significantly improve your battery life and performance.

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