How To Connect Iphone To Metro Pcs?

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Metro Pcs is also known as Metro by T-Mobile. Initially known as General Wireless, Inc., Metro was founded in 1994 by Roger Linquist and Malcolm Lorang. PCS stands for Personal Communications Service, which is a common abbreviation. Its service made its debut in 2002. About 1.5 million people were MetroPCS subscribers as of February 2005. Nowadays we can easily connect our iPhone to the Metro Pcs; however the process is a little difficult. 

Thus, this blog will help you to learn “How To Connect Iphone To Metro Pcs.”

How To Connect an Iphone To Metro Pcs?

It is easy to connect the iPhone To Metro Pcs. Depending on the model of your phone, you will need a micro or regular SIM card if you intend to utilize an iPhone 4s or an earlier generation.

Once you decide to connect the iPhone To Metro Pcs, you ought to require the following materials – 

  • An account with MetroPCS.
  • A mini SIM card from MetroPCS (the blue and white ones)
  • iPhone SIM card removal tool

Along with these materials, you also require the following material, but it is optional. It depends on whether you want to use the following materials.

  • Writing tools.
  • Scissors or a SIM card cutter
  • A phone that utilizes an old SIM card to gain service

Follow the below steps to learn “How To Connect Iphone To Metro Pcs.”

Step1: First, you should ensure a customer account with Metro Pcs.

Step2: Next, ensure that you use the right nano SIM card.

Step3: Keep a record of the iPhone’s IMEI and SIM card numbers. Make sure that you can keep these records safely.

Step4: The iPhone should be equipped with a nano SIM card. (Follow this step only if your SIM card is entirely new; otherwise, skip this step for used SIM).

Step5: To reach a representative, dial *611. If the SIM card is brand new, dial the number straight from the iPhone you wish to switch to; if the SIM card is old, dial it from a device that still uses the old SIM card for service.

Step6: While dialing *611, you can ask to activate or switch phones.

Step7: Place the iPhone’s nano SIM card inside. In case you skip the step4, you need to follow this step.


After reading this blog, you can learn “How To Connect Iphone To Metro Pcs.” You have to follow the above steps, and you will be done. Anyone can hassle-free do this job on their own. This blog will help you, and you will connect your iPhone to Metro Pcs.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs) 

  • Does MetroPCS support every iPhone?

All iPhones from Verizon and US Cellular, save the iPhone 4, are compatible with MetroPCS. The majority of other phones, however, won’t function with MetroPCS if they have previously used the Sprint, Verizon, or US Cellular networks.

  • How do I use a MetroPCS SIM card to activate my iPhone?

Ensure that the Wi-Fi connection you are using is dependable. When your Metro by T-Mobile cellular plan is ready for installation, keep an eye out for a notification on your smartphone. Tap the notice to finish your eSIM activation and join the Metro by T-Mobile network.

  • What is the MetroPCS connection process for an unlocked phone?

If your phone is unlocked and not already active with another carrier, you should be able to insert your activated Metro SIM card and start using it. Call 1-888-8Metro8 to speak with customer care if you still require assistance (1-888-863-8768).

  • What is happening with my service not moving over to my new iPhone?

Examine your cellular line’s status under Settings > Cellular. Return to your cell phone line if it is off. If you still have service, check that next. Setting up an eSIM or a physical SIM card should be done if Settings > Cellular does not show your cellular line.

  • Does getting a new iPhone require me to change SIM cards?

You must transfer your SIM card to your new iPhone because it is necessary to connect to the network with your device. Even your contacts can be obtained through this relatively straightforward approach.

  • Can I buy a phone and insert my SIM card?

The SIM card in your last phone can be removed and put in the new one if you buy a replacement phone or upgrade to a new unlocked phone. You will want a new SIM card if the size of your old SIM is incompatible or if you are switching carriers.

  • Is it possible to switch SIM cards across phones?

Sure. Check to see if both cell phones are unlocked, compatible with the same network, and have SIM card slots that are the same size. There shouldn’t be any problems if both conditions are met.

  • Buying an iPhone and using it with any carrier is possible.

Your iPhone can be used with many carriers after being unlocked. Follow these steps to call your carrier and unlock your iPhone. By navigating to Settings > General > About, you may check to see if your iPhone is locked. The Carrier Lock field will show “No SIM limitations” if your iPhone has been unlocked.

  • Will any network have an iPhone function?

Yes. All current iPhone models are compatible with all major cellular providers, including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon, in the United States. It is because they support CDMA and GSM (used by AT&T and T-Mobile) phone networks (used by Sprint and Verizon).

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