How to Delete TenderMeets Account?

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TenderMeets is a dating site that helps many young and adult people get to their ideal partner based on their interest areas so they can date each other. 

However, dating sites are much riskier these days, and so many scams are also happening here by fake and fraudulent IDs. Thus, to save your personal and intimate information, it is better to delete them from these sites. 

Thus, in this guide, we have mentioned an easy way to permanently delete all of your personal information. If you also want to delete your personal information. Stay tuned for the article. 

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What Is TenderMeets?

TenderMeets is one of the best online dating applications in the US with over 44 million sites on the internet. Online dating sites have the highest user base in the world., established in 1993, has created the TenderMeets. 

TenderMeets is free to use, though it offers a paid membership too, allowing users to have the additional benefits of e-letters, chats, and video calls. They will tell you about all of their monthly bills when you sign-up there for the very first time. 

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How to Sign Up for the TenderMeets ?

It is straightforward to sign up for the TenderMeets. You have to fill in your gender and age and your ideal partner’s expected age and gender. Then, you can quickly log in with your Google accounts or email and passwords. 

Now, you have to fill up your nickname and your gender and your partner’s preferred gender, your birth date, and your place. Then, you are required to give a brief introduction and explanation about your ideal partner. 

After selecting your interest areas, you need to add your profile photo, and then you’re free to browse your ideal partner through your mentioned photos and profile criteria.

Reasons to Delete Your TenderMeets Account

  • Safety

All these dating sites are prominently popular these days, but they are still associated with many dangers too. Several types of research and actual life incidents have revealed that women have faced more negative experiences with online dating sites. 

Thus, it directly affects their safety, and someone can easily misuse their data and information. 

  • Security 

Any site containing your personal or private information puts you at risk of security issues. And these dating sites have particularly intimate details, which can easily cause a security issue for you. 

Thus, it is better to delete your account from here, along with all of your details. 

  • Unauthorized Charges

Several unwanted and hidden charges in these dating sites that you confirm in their T&Cs. Users are never informed about these charges directly, but they take these charges in ambiguous sentences.

  • Scams/Bots

These dating sites have many false profiles and fake users to scam you. These scams generally happen with girls especially. Thus, it is better to delete the account, and you’re regarding personal information from there. 

How To Delete TenderMeets Account?

You can delete your TenderMeet account in two significant ways: Directly from a website and from “DoNotPay.”

#1: Directly from the website

You have to open the TenderMeets site and open your account from there. Then, follow us step-by-step. 

  1. Visit the setting of your account. You will see several options popped out there. 
  2. You have to scroll to the last option, written as “Remove Account,” and click on it. 
  3. You will find a big orange button deceiving your attention from going ahead. 
  4. Then, you have to ignore it and go ahead. 

Once you have deleted your account, it doesn’t mean that you have taken your personal information back from the TenderMeets too. Thus, you must contact customer care and request them to delete their personal and sensitive information. 

Email Id – [email protected]

Phone – +1(800) 291-5025. 

#2: Delete from “DoNotPay”

You can delete your TenderMeats account from DoNotPay quickly. You only have to follow some easy 7-step process. 

  • Go to “Delete Old Accounts” on DoNotPay

You must click on the “Delete Old Account” to delete the account.

  • Now Select Your Account Type

You have to select the type of account you own. 

  • Fill Up Your Username, Gmail, or Phone Number

They will ask whether your phone number or Gmail is associated with your account. 

  • Some Dates Related Confirmation

You must fill in the registration date, login, and payment method if you saved any. 

  • Upload Photographic Evidence

You must upload your photographic evidence to verify that this account genuinely belongs to you. 

  • Enter Your Previous or Last Entered Password

You must follow up by filling in the last entered or previous password. 

  • Enter Your Contact Information 

You have to fill up your contact information and submit the task. 


We hope this article helps you gather the best information regarding the dating sites and the possible risks and help you know “how to delete the TenderMeets account.” 

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