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Gojo Satoru is a very iconic anime character known for his cursed abilities. However, he always used his energy for the welfare of the world. His fanart looks sexy. Thus, this guide has mentioned a step-by-step procedure to create a Gojo Satoru fanart. 

Let’s begin the step-by-step guide of “How to Draw Gojo easy?!!

Who is Gojo Satoru?

Gojo Satoru is one of the dominating characters of the dark fantasy anime and manga series called Jujutsu Kaisen. In the series, he is the strongest Jujutsu sorcerer globally. He even rivals and surpasses the King of Curses Skuna himself. Like the other sorcerers, he strives to secure the world from the various cursed spirits. 

However, Gojo is the one who finds the Jujutsu Sorcerer as a flawed structure that needs to be changed to become better. Therefore, he became a teacher at Jujutsu High. It is a school where new-generation students are trained to be the Jujutsu Sorcerers. 

Gojo Satoru’s Life and History

Gojo Satoru was born in 1989 and got a bounty on his head. Thus, the bounty hunters started hunting him right after his birth. He was the biggest Jujutsu sorcerer globally, as he even rivaled and surpassed the strength of Sakuna, the King of Curses. 

During his early schooling, Gojo was confident about his abilities and reputation as a strong sorcerer. But, he used to consider only himself strong and anyone else weak. After schooling, he completed his master’s in the reverse cursed technique in a battle against Toji Fushiguoro. Then, he became arrogant and started believing he was the strongest globally. However, he was the strongest globally. 

He also started saying that he is only honorable everywhere on Earth and in Heaven. During his battle combats, he used to fight uncontrollable states because of his years of determination for victory. His confidence is visible in his combat style too. When you see Gojo, you’ll realize that he is very different from what he appears at first glance. He has two genuine friends named Shouko and Suguru Geto, even after his rude and arrogant behavior. Gojo Saturo’s behavior and attitude have significantly changed after his friendship with Riko Amnani. You will indeed find their friendship story very heart-touching. 

Gojo Satoru’s Power and Ability

Gojo Satoru has various cursed energies, and thus he was the strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer within the entire Jujutsu society. Gojo Satoru was the only one who could utilize the Domain Expansion daily. Gojo Satoru was also capable of using the Reverse Cursed Technique which he first demonstrated in his first fight after the deathbed with Toji Fushiguro. Thus, his power doesn’t only limit to giving him the freedom to help himself but also creates the flow of positive energy in himself, allowing him to make the Red and Hollow Purple attack. 

How to Draw Gojo Easy?

Step #1: Draw the Baseline

 how to draw gojo step by step

In the foremost step, you have to draw a circle only. 

Step #2: Draw the Second Baseline

 how to draw gojo step by step

You must draw one vertical line and three horizontal lines on the previously drawn circle. All the lines should be parallel to each other. It will help you plot the facial features. 

Step #3: Start With the Lower Part of the Face

 how to draw gojo step by step

At this step, you must draw Gojo’s lower part. You will work on the underside of the circular baseline, the jaw area. Remember to leave the chin part, which will be covered with his clothes. 

Step #4: Draw the Gojo’s Body and Clothes

 how to draw gojo step by step

This is a little complicated step. You must draw Gojo’s neck and upper part along with his clothes. You are going to draw the Jujutsu tech uniform, which will cover up to his chin part. Take help from these pictures while drawing the Gojo picture. 

Step #5: Draw Gojo’s Blindfold and Facial Features 

 how to draw gojo step by step

You have to draw both the ears and blindfold of the Gojo. He wears his blindfold to tone down his visual prowess. 

Step #6: Draw Gojo’s Mouth

 how to draw gojo step by step

Now, you have to draw the nose and lips part of the Gojo. Please keep it simple and in a smiling position. You can draw it at the right end of the circular baseline. 

Step #7: Draw the Hairs of Gojo

 how to draw gojo step by step

Now, you should go with drawing the iconic white hairs of the Gojo. Keep them short and spiky, which defies gravity whenever he wears the blindfold. To be correct, follow the drawing in the picture. 

Step #8: Darken the Outlines 


 how to draw gojo step by step

You have to darken the outlines in this step. You have to redefine them.

Step #9: Finalizing the Gojo Satoru Fanart 

 how to draw gojo step by step

In this step, you must erase all the additional lines and outlines and leave only the final outlines. It will give you the perfect fanart picture of the Gojo. 

Step #10: Finalizing with the Color Part

 how to draw gojo step by step

You only have to color your fanart to provide it with the necessary shades. You have to fill the purple color in his uniform, the black color in his blindfold, and the purplish hue shades in his hair. 


These are the ten steps of “How to draw Gojo easy?” We hope you like this guide, and you will also successfully draw your Gojo Satoru fanart. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do you draw Satoru Gojo step by step?

This is the simple step-by-step process to draw the Satoru Gojo fanart:

  1. Firstly, draw the baseline
  2. Draw the second baseline
  3. Draw the lower part of the face
  4. Draw the Gojo’s body and clothes
  5. Draw the blindfold and facial features of the Gojo
  6. Draw the mouth of Gojo
  7. Draw the hairs of Gojo
  8. Darken the outlines of the art
  9. Complete Gojo Satoru Fanart
  10. Fill the colors in your art
  • Is Gojo a boy or a girl?

Gojo Satoru is a boy character in an anime. He has numerous cursed powers, which he uses to protect the Jujutsu and the world from the cursed powers. He is the strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer in their entire society. 

  • Why Gojo blindfold his eyes?

Gojo’s blindfold helps him to tone down his abilities. Because using the powers so much can quickly tire him out. Gege Akutami, the creator of the series, stated this in an interview in 2021. 

  • Who is Satoru Gojo crush?

GojoMiwa was his crush. She was the ship between Gojo Satoru and Miwa Kasumi. They belonged to the Jujutsu Kaisen fandom. 

  • Who is Closest to Satoru Gojo?

Around five people were very close to Gojo Satoru’s level. Their names are on the priority list: Kinji Hakari, Toge Inumaki, Suguru Geto, Naobito Zenin, and Kokichi Muta. 

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