How to Get Persona 5 Royal Theme Ps4?

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Persona 5 Royal is a great game with the same original storyline but new characters and places. We can increase the fun by adding new themes and avatars to the game. But, getting new themes is a little tricky in case you don’t have a code available. 

This guide will discuss how you can redeem your code if you have one and get your new themes and avatars. And, if you don’t receive or have any code, we will get you one. 

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What Is Persona 5 Royal?

Persona 5 was a JRPG game regarding the teenage vigilantes of Japan with supernatural powers launched by Atlus in 2017. 

Now, they have launched the Persona 5 Royal with so many new characters and gameplay tweaks and fixed all the issues in the previous one. It is a noticeably enhanced version of its original one. 

The core concept of the Persona 5 Royal is the same as its original version, where a school kid reaches a new city after a run-in with the law. The main hero and his fellow mates find that they have some weird supernatural powers that can change the hearts of corrupt individuals. 

So many people are looking for the best themes and avatars for the Persona 5 Royal game to obtain the trophies. 

How to get Persona 5 Royal Theme Ps4? 

Most people have questions about getting Persona 5 Royal themes in Ps4 to win the trophies. 

1. Check Your Trophies

Some characters come up with the themes with themselves, such as “Castle of Lust: Seized” (joker, ruji, ann, Morgana), “Pyramid of Wrath: Plundered” (Yusuke, Makoto, Futaba), “The Thorough Trickster”(Haru, akechi, kasum), “The Phenomenal Phantom Thief” (caroline/Justine). 

With each character, you will get a new theme and three avatars. Every theme comes up with new flairs and background music. 

2. Check Your Email

You might have gotten the email from the PlayStation, and you will see it primarily labelled as “promotions.” 

If you already have your code and don’t know how to redeem it, you should jump directly to step 6. 

But, if it has been more than 14 days since you got the trophies and you have not got any code. Then, continue reading the article.

3. Go to the Live Support Chat of PlayStation

Firstly, press the “Digital Content”. Secondly, click on the “Contact Us” and, fill in the information and wait until you get connected to an employee. 

4. Update them About Your Situation

You have to tell customer care support that you play the Persona 5 Royal and hear that you get an email consisting of a code for accomplishing the themes and avatars with each trophy. 

But, it has been more than 14 days, and I still haven’t received any email containing any code for themes and avatars. Ask them to help you in that case. 

5. Go Ahead

Then, they will ask you for your “Online ID and Sign-in ID”, which is your respective username and email of your PlayStation. 

Then, they might ask for any relevant questions and provide you with the code. 

6. Congrats!!

Now, you have your code ready. Thus, you can open your PlayStation and find the “redeem codes”. 

Fill your code there, and then you will get your themes and avatars. 

How to Change Your Theme and Avatars?

Avatars can easily be changed by clicking on the “Profile” in the main menu of the PS4 and then clicking on the presented three dots by pressing “Set Online Status.”

Click on the “edit profile” and choose the fourth option “, Avatar.” All of the themes of your Persona 5 Royal will be found under the “Premium Avatars.”

Themes can easily be changed by clicking on the “Setting” in the main menu of your PS4 and then selecting the “themes” and selecting your favorite one. 


We hope you liked the guide, got your email code, and reached your desired themes and avatars. We have covered almost everything in this article. How to Get Persona 5 Royal Theme Ps4?

Thanks for reading the article!!

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