How To Get The Wampus Car In Nitro Type

Topic:How To Get The Wampus Car In Nitro Type” I have also played the “Nitro Type” game for a long time and I was always curious about the Wampus car and wanted it for a long time. But, it was a little trick. Then, one day I got a simple trick to unlock the Wampus car. 

In this, I have mentioned an easy way to get the Wampus Car in Nitro Type.It will surely help you get it. 

Let’s begin the article then !!

What is Nitro Type?

Nitro Type is one of the leading and most popular online games that are cost-free. It was created by Austin Butler in the year 2011, September 8. Later the same game was released in January 2012 from Beta.

Nitro Type is a typing-based game. The players have to type the keywords against other players in real-time.

In Nitro type games, players play in a car race game. The card will only move when the player types the correct text displayed.

How to get the Wampus Car in the Nitro Type?

Getting the Wampus car in the Nitro Type game is hassle work. Not every player is able to get the Wampus. Here, we will explain the step-by-step process to get the Wampus car in the Nitro Type.

  • Firstly, the player has to search for the car. Make sure that the car has the nitro type upgrade.
  • The player can find a wampus car either by winning a race or by searching in the list of the nitro garage.
  • In the nitro menu, enter the code “Wampus” once you get the car.
  • As soon as you enter the code, the regular car will upgrade into the wampus car.
  • Now is the moment to begin harassing other motorists, as you have the wampus car.

This game is like a fast and furious game, and if you want to become top every time, you ought to give your 100% and win the race. But remember, always play safe.

Who is wampus?

The wampus is not a single person; it is a bot. Only the Nitro type admin has access to operate this account. Any player can send a friend request to the Wampus. Generally, Wampus rejects all requests. Wampus acts as egotistical and elitist unless and until the player beats them.

The wampus is designed in such a way that it has an average(WPN) word per minute. It’s a top WPM of 100. 

Can everyone get the wampus car in Nitro type?

In a simple sentence, the answer to this question is Big NO. Getting the wampus car in a Nitro-type online game is impossible. Wampus car is only for the “Wampus,” and Wampus runs only this car. The wampus car is so rare and unique in online games. This car is also called the “LEGENDARY” car, according to Fandom.

But getting the wampus car is also not impossible. It is pretty challenging to get the wampus car. But, if you decide to get the wampus car, first you have to complete the Nitro type online game main story.

After that, the player has to speak with the mayor. He will help play to find out the wampus car. Mayor will share some secret gadget keys which allow the player to find the wampus car. 

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) 

  • What is Wampus’ typing speed?

Nitro type is an online game where players must type faster to win the races. Wampus is a bot in the Nitro-type online game that types a minimum of 100words in minutes. The player who beats the wampus score has a chance to win 50,000 Nitro-type dollars. Wampus is a generally non-playable character.

  • Is the Nitro type wampus uncommon?

The wampus is not too familiar with the Nitro-type online game. It is a type of bot, and the player shows it randomly in the game. You can say that; it is the rarest bot or unique to see the wampus in the game. If the player successfully beats the bot, he/she will receive an extra amount. This additional amount is $50,000.

  • Is Nitro Type compatible with mobile devices?

In a simple sentence, you can say that YES! Now it is possible to run the Nitro-type game on mobile and tablets. It is enjoyable to play on mobile and tablets. Along with the mobile compatibility, from time to time, its features get updated. The latest version allows us to fix the bugs instantly. It also allows the player to create unique events.

  • Can children use Nitro Type?

As Nitro type is a typing game, kids can definitely play it. Children can prefer this game to typing practice. In this game, there is an option for multiplayer mode. Children can choose this mode and do their typing practice with their friends.

  • Is nitro-type safe or not?

Yes! This Nitro-type online game is completely safe. Security precautions are in place on this website to guard against the loss, misuse, and alterations of the data in our custody. Never at any point are passwords stored in clear text; instead, they have hashed thousands of times using different randomized salts and the best practical encryption.


Here, in this blog, we discuss the Nitro-type online game. After reading this guide, now you can know how to get the wampus car in the Nitro type game. To get the wampus car, you have to win the race. Here, we also cover much important information about this game. At last, you can know the most common queries and their suitable solutions.

This guide will help players get the wampus car in the Nitro-type online game.

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