How To Hack A Car Wash Change Machine

Car wash change machines are more susceptible to hacks, and there are some ways to trick them. One method is to install software that effectively reads the card numbers and passwords of the customers. Moreover, you can also use tools to read the magnetic stripe on the credit card to steal the information. Below we are stating some of the ways to hack a car wash change machine:

Hacking a Car Was Change Machine

1. Utilizing Paper Bills

A paper bill can be used to steal money from a car wash change machine. You can utilize a paper bill they already had to get two times as much change from the change machine.

This method only functions in the context of a coin-operated machine where a paper ring would be inserted lengthwise in a slot. It is ineffective in vending machines with trays that must first be moved into place before a composition bill can be inserted.

For example, you can crumple a $5 bill before smoothing it out. Your bill would have an extremely wrinkled surface as a result.

You should cut at the lower-left corner, half an inch before the number 5, to create a hole in the $5 bill.

The machine will assume everything is okay if you put the $5 bill before realizing there is a problem when the notched component is inserted. By that time, it would turn down the $5 bill and reissue it. Additionally, $5 in change would be given to you if everything is done perfectly.

2. Using Foil

The reflectiveness of foil would also be used by people to hack a car wash coin machine. You can fool a change machine’s randomization sensors and force it to go deeper by using the thwart’s sulfur reflectiveness. 

To slide into the opening of the change machine, the foil would be divided into pieces the size of a paper bill.

On the glossy side on top, you should insert the foil piece into the coin machine. The pattern for inspecting the bills would then be reflected back to the sensor by the foil. The device will then release the change since it will believe actual money was inserted.

3. Making a Photocopy of a Paper Bill

This machine actually engages in the production of counterfeit currency, which is a serious federal offense. The process involved photocopying a paper bill and putting it on the coin-operated machine.

You need to use a copy machine to create a 1:1 double-sided duplicate of a paper bill.

A duplicate of a paper bill can be used to mislead the majority of change machines. The cash would be given out.

4. Obtaining a Free Car Wash Using a Magnet

Regarding cheating vehicle washes, there is a cable car wash trick that you can do with a self-service car wash. It has become well-known and popular on TikTok as well. In this approach, the car slipstream machine would be removed using a car wash hacking magnet.

However, not all self-service car slipstream machines are compatible with this hack. The machines that are most vulnerable to this attack are older self-service car wash machines.

However, even if this technique could not be used to steal money from the more recent self-service cable car washout machines, there would still be a chance of breaking. 

For this hack, you can use a sizable, strong magnet. It can tamper with self-service car wash devices to obtain free cash. The machine would be made to grant credit for free car washing as soon as someone placed the magnets over the coin grabber.

The credit would keep growing if the magnet on the coin acceptor was continuously tapped. People get more time for car washing the further they tap on there.

5. Car Wash Machine Keys to Trick the Car Wash Change Machine

The potential of a crook possessing a collection of car wash coin vault keys and using those keys to breach into cable car wash coin lockers to steal money. It might be a deliberate undercover job or someone with an essential selection from another car wash. Here’s how the burglar would carry it out:

They maintain a collection of coin-vault keys from vehicle washes. They would continue attempting each key till they succeeded in opening the coin safe. Cash is taken once it is open.

They would replace the locks to give the impression that no crime was committed. And when they go up to collect a payment, the car wash owner would only learn they had been stolen.

The Takeaway?

So that was all from our guide on how to hack a car wash change machine. We hope you enjoyed this guide.

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