How to Hit A Stiiizy Pod Without A Battery?

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Stiiizy batteries are always at work. They are most prone to a risk of getting damaged. Thus, it can cause various cases where you might lose your battery, and now you want to vape but cannot. 

Thus, in this case, we have mentioned a great method in this article. It will help you use the vape even if you don’t have a battery. Let’s begin the guide!!

What is Stiiizy Pod?

A stiiizy pod can be called a vape cartridge. Simply put, it is a disposable container of cannabis or hemp combined with the coil, atomizer, and a little more to transform a cannabinoid concentrate into vapor if you provide the power source. 

Most vape cartridges consist of natural ingredients. They are highly convenient and high-potent. 

Do Stiiizy Pods Have Batteries?

Stiiizy is connected to the batteries to produce the vapor. Simply, the vape cartridges utilize the battery’s power to activate the coil and start evaporating the cannabis concentrate into the vapor. 

The mechanism of cartridges varies with the design of the cartridge. However, the majority of design utilizes 510-threaded cartridges. It is one of the standard cartridges in the industry. 

To use the vape cartridges, only a certain amount of power is required. All the cartridges have different battery capacities. Thus, it would help if you had at least a battery to power your cartridge to work. 

What You Should Do In Case You Lose Your Vape Battery?

It is very common to lose a vape battery while changing. However, you can easily purchase the battery from any vape shop. Various vape batteries are also available in online stores. There is one more option you can use to hit your stiiizy pod. 

You can easily use the Android charger cable to access your stiiizy pod if you do not have the battery. We recommend you use this only when you’re waiting for your battery’s delivery. 

5 Simple Steps To Hit A Stiiizy Pod Without A Battery 

Step – 1: Cut Off The Port of Your Charging Cable 

Firstly, you need to take the scissors and cut off the charging port of the cable. It would help if you cut off the charging port connecting to your mobile phone. You should also ensure enough wire is left to reach any computer or laptop. 

Step – 2: Take Out the Red and Black Wire Out of The Cable

When you cut off your charging cable, you will find a separate black and red wire inside. They will be used later to connect the other things. 

Step – 3: Strip off the Wires Ends 

Now, you need to strip off both wires. In the next step, they will be used to hit the stiiizy pod. 

Step – 4: Connect Both The Wires To The Stiiizy Pod 

It would help if you simply connected the red wire to any metal pod located underneath your Stiiizy cartridge. At the same time, you have to fix the other one (black wire) to a metal circle. 

Step – 5: Connect Your Cable To The Power Source

Now, you must connect the USB port to any computer or laptop cable. It will simply activate your Stiiizy cartridge. We won’t recommend you connect it directly with the latter. Otherwise, it can overheat the charging cable. 

Step – 6: Start Smoking Your Stiiizy Pod 

The Stiiizy pod is ready to use now. You can easily put it in your mouth and start smoking. You will be able to inhale the cannabis concentrate present inside it. Therefore, it is simply working even without any charger. 

Why Use A New Battery When You Can Use The Cartridge With The Android Cable? 

You must have clicked the point in your mind when the batteries require money, and you can freely use the vape with this method; then why should you purchase the batteries? Well, there are two major points to prove why you need to purchase the battery. 

  • Vape Batteries Are Affordable 

You don’t need to buy new batteries and spend over $100. You can purchase the old battery as well. It will cost you less than $10. Thus, it is very affordable to purchase a battery. It will also allow you to make portable vape use. 

  • Hitting the Siiizy Pod In This Way Is Risky

If you want to use a vape cartridge safely, connect it to the fully charged battery only. Android cable may also do the same work, but it also has a risk of getting exploded. Thus, it is essential to use the batteries only. 

Wrap Up

Stiiizy pods are one of the most used things among teens these days. It works on a small battery. This battery is always prone to get damaged or lost. Thus, we have mentioned six simple ways to use the vape without needing a battery. We hope you like the guide and find it useful for you. 

Frequently Asked about (FAQs)

  • How do you smoke a STIIIZY pod?

It is elementary to use the stiiizy pod. You have to insert the pod and start inhaling. You have to change the pod with time. It automatically activates the coils when you inhale. 

  • Do STIIIZY pods only work with STIIIZY batteries?

It is essential to use the STIIIZY batteries to use the STIIIZY pods. However, if you do not have the STIIIZY batteries, you can also use the Android charging cable and the vape cartridge. 

  • Can you hit a STIIIZY while it’s charging?

We won’t recommend you use the vape while it is on charge. Let the battery get fully charged, and only then start vaping. Otherwise, it could have hazardous results. 

  • How long does it take to feel high from STIIIZY?

Ideally, it would help if you waited for some time to see your body’s response. It depends upon the way you inhale the cannabis. The more accurately you inhale the vape, the higher you will feel. Technically, it might take around 30 minutes to feel high. 

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