How to Keep a Grill Lit?

If you’re also struggling with a Charcoal Grill and looking for “how to keep a grill lit?

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Charcoal grill helps in cooking very delicious food in every weather. Though sometimes it becomes challenging to keep the flame constant for many reasons. We have mentioned most of the reasons in this guide and the best possible solution. This guide consists of 6 Pro Tips to keep the grill lit. 

Thus, if you’re also ready to keep your grill lit, let’s glance at the tips. 

6 Pro Tips To Keep A Grill Lit 

Looking for how to keep a grill lit? Thus, to keep your charcoal grill lit for a longer time, you can use these six pro tips to keep your charcoal grill lit:

Tip #1: Don’t Grill Outside in a Storm

It is one of the common sense-based things that you should not try to grill during a thunderstorm. It will lead you only to a hard time grilling. You won’t be able to enjoy a great flame during a thunderstorm. 

If you even try to put a trap over the grill to keep it safe from pouring water. All it will do for you is trap smoke in the grill. And trapping the smoke could be dangerous and won’t produce delicious food. Therefore, if you see a thunderstorm or rain outside of your house, then you should avoid grilling. 

Tip #2: Ensure The Charcoal Is Dry

Since we have cleared it for you that you should grill only if the weather is dry, let’s also clear one more thing: the state of your charcoal should also be dry. Thus, avoid storing your charcoal on the concrete floors, garage, or outside of the house with the firewood, as it can make them damp. 

Do not make the mistake of using damp charcoal on the grill. Otherwise, the grill will create so much smoke. Therefore, keep your damped charcoal in sunny weather before grilling to keep it dry and get a good flame. 

Tip #3: Keep the Proper Charcoal Arrangement 

You should not just dump your charcoal on the grill but arrange it properly. You should arrange the charcoal from large to small. In this way, you will have a fantastic grill lit. Moreover, you must pile the charcoal in a single spot and make it look like a pyramid

Because if you spread the charcoal over the grill, it will create a thin layer, ultimately producing a flame for a shorter period. Keeping the charcoal in a single spot will create a thick layer in the grill and make your flame last longer.

It creates a uniform distribution of heat over the grill. It will also help you get the best possible results from the grill, and thus you will have more delicious food. 

Tip #4: Ensure the Right Quantity of Charcoal

Next, you need to keep enough charcoal on your grill. Many people do not use enough charcoal in a grill; the grill doesn’t last long. All the lesser charcoal will do for you is create a difficult time keeping the flame going. 

Therefore, use the proper amount of charcoal in your grill. Read your grill’s manual properly and figure out how much charcoal you need to grill. This way, you will know the exact amount of charcoal required. 

Tip #5: Think About Where You Starter Cubes

You should always keep some starter cubes to initiate a grill going and place them at the corner of the charcoal grill. It will help you distribute the fire evenly throughout the charcoal grill. 

Before placing the starter cubes at the corners, you need to find chemical-free natural starter cubes for your charcoal grill. Otherwise, it will cook a non-tasty meal. This way, your grill flame will continue for a more extended period. 

Tip #6: Keep Your Grill’s Vents Open 

If your charcoal grill’s vents are not open, you will indeed not have the proper flame during the grill. So many people close the vents to trap the heat in the grill, which makes the flame suffocate. 

Thus, keeping the vents open and letting the air circulate properly would be better. The proper amount of oxygen also reaches the flame, which keeps the flame going for a more extended period and also keeps the flame hot. 

Final Words

These are some of the Pro Tips to keep your grill lit. It will also help you cook delicious food. No matter what your grill is not working correctly, one of these tips will surely help you grill your lot. We hope you like this guide and get the answer to “how to keep a grill lit?” 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do I get my grill stay lit?

There are some ways to keep the grill lit:

  1. Always use charcoal in your grill
  2. Also, do not forget to use the dampers
  3. It would help if you stacked your charcoal
  4. Clean your grill before starting anything
  5. Now, check whether the weather is suitable for you or not
  • How do I keep my grill lit when windy?

If you want to keep the grill’s flame even, all you can do in this situation is add more charcoal to your grill. This way, it won’t extinguish the grill’s flame and will also cook the food at a consistent temperature. 

  • Do you leave a grill open or closed to keep it burning?

When you keep the lid open, you are more likely to get the heat hitted to one surface of your food and have more control over it. However, when you keep the grill’s lid closed, the heat impacts the bottom of the food and picks up the heat from the surroundings. It leads to the food being cooked in a mixed way. 

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