Clean and Maintain Your Snowboards for Both On and Off-Season.

Have you been using your snowboards without cleaning them at regular times? Have you been facing your snowboards has been slow? The reasons might be that your snowboards are dirty and have not been well maintained. Or maybe they might not have been adequately cleaned.

Winter might be approaching, and you are already with your snow skating plans. You have all your necessary accessories ready. But when did you check on your snowboard last time? How often do you clean your snowboards during your skating period? Not to forget, the safety of your skating experience also depends on the snowboards. It is necessary to maintain them both on-season and off-season. Below are a few ways to clean and maintain your snowboards.

  • Clean your snowboards

Whenever you use your snowboards, clean them properly after every use. Or even if you are storing them for next season, it is necessary to clean them before storing them off. Clean snowboards last longer and are safe to use.

  • Lookout for rusts

It is essential to look out for rust building up in your skiing equipment. It is required to clean off the rust in the pieces of equipment to make them last longer. You can follow these simple steps mentioned below to rid of it.

  • Scrapping off

Scrapping off the rust is easy. You can buy a gummy stone; it will be helpful in the long run. Run the gummy stone over the edgy spots where rust accumulated. Or a better alternative is sandpaper will also work the same.

  • Wash

After scrapping the rust off, get some warm water to clean it. You can remove the leftover residues from rust by mixing some soap in that warm water and rubbing it off with a sponge or towel.

  • Dry

 Before storing or using the boards, let them dry completely. Particularly let the edges dry. Avoid keeping your board in longer for less amount of time.

To avoid future rusting, wax the snowboards before storing them for the next season. Or use them either on off-seasons as well.

  • Waxing at regular intervals

The necessary step to maintaining a good condition of snowboards is to wax them at regular intervals. Waxing depends on the type of boards that you use.

But how or when exactly do we know we need to wax our snowboards? Well, if you feel your board is not providing a smooth ride, it is slow, and the colour of the base also indicates your board might require waxing. It is often recommended to wax at least three to four times, depending on how frequently you use your snowboards.

By these below-mentioned steps, you can easily wax your snowboards.

  • Clean the base

Through continuous use, it is obvious the base of your board becomes dirty. Before starting to wax it, it is necessary to first clean off thoroughly the dirt from it. In the market, there is a variety of cleaning base solutions available.

Just spray the solution on the board base and clean it off with a towel or paper towel.

  • Remove the bindings

The simple step to keep in mind before waxing is removing your bindings. If you do hot waxing while your bindings are on, it will affect them and create a bumpy board.

  • Apply the wax

The steps for the application of wax on the board. First, place the board on a table and equal platform so that the wax spreads equally on all sides.

Take the heating iron and melt the wax. Let the wax drip over the board base. Drip over the sides and edges properly. Try to maintain a zigzag pattern.

The next step is to iron the spread wax over the board base. For this, maintain a circular motion to run the iron over the wax to spread it evenly. Maintain a constant amount of heat to all the sizes and edges. After it has been done, let it cool down for some time.

  • Scrape off

After the waxing has been spread evenly and cooled down, you need to scrape off the excess wax. Maintain a 45degree angle for scrapping the wax.

Scrape off from the middle to the tip of the board. While scrapping, you need to apply a sufficiently good amount of pressure. Try to scratch less on the area where you filled wax for scratches.

Lastly, scrape the board to the tip in a long motion for a smooth base.

  • Blur the edges

After the waxing has been done, check out for edgy areas. During skiing, to avoid accidental falls, it is crucial to check the edges. It is advisable to blur the edges with a gummy stone or sandpaper. Run the gummy stone on the edges and smoothen them. Your board is good to go!

  • Set the bindings

Once all the previous steps finish, your bindings are ready to be set. Set the required angle for you and tighten the screws. You are all set to ride with your snowboard after this final step.

  • Sharpen the snowboard when required

With frequent use, it is usual for boards to become rough. To maintain its speed, sharpen your board when required. With wet stone, these edges can be smoothened.

Try to maintain a 30degree angle while sharpening your board and placing it on a flat surface. These will retain the speed of your snowboard like a new one.

  • Proper storing.

After all, the mountain adventures are over, do not forget to check your board for future use. Wax it as per requirement at regular intervals. Clean the board properly before storing them. To avoid disfiguring the snowboard, keep them in a standing position. Store them in a dry place.

Wrapping Up

To wrap up, these are some easy steps to clean your snowboard. Several shops offer to clean up your snowboards at offers. But once you invest in the items, they will run for a longer time. These will reduce your expenditure if you learn the steps by yourself.

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