How to Measure for Kitchen Backsplash?

Are you also thinking of creating a backsplash in your kitchen and looking for “how to measure for kitchen backsplash?

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This article consists of 5 simple steps to measure the backsplash area in your kitchen. We have also mentioned some essential tips for getting your backsplash created without any hassle. Everything is covered in this guide, from mentioning what you need to how to implement each thing. 

If you wish to measure your backsplash area effortlessly, read the article for 2 minutes only!!  

5 Simple Steps to Measure Area For Kitchen Backsplash

It is effortless to measure the backsplash area of the kitchen. We have mentioned the 5 simple steps to measure the kitchen backsplash area. Let’s have a look at them:

Step – 1: Collect All The Measuring Materials First

Measuring the backsplash area requires some of the essential materials noted below:

  • A measuring tape
  • A level
  • A pencil, pen, and notepad
  • Backsplash Calculator (not essential)

All this material is very readily available in any house. You can replace the measuring tape with any other string or ribbon. You can even use the trim spirit level or bubble level app on your mobile phone. 

Step – 2: Take the Measurement of Your Area 

Now, you have to measure your tile required area very carefully and accurately. However, you need to measure your area depending on the shape you want: 

  • Rectangular and Square Space: If you want to measure the backsplash area in a rectangular or square shape, then you need to measure the height and width of your room in inches. However, the square space would have the same height and width. 
  • Round Space Area: If you want to measure the backsplash in a round space, you need to stretch your measuring tape from one wall (one end), through the center of your circle, to the other wall (other ends). It will work as the diameter of your circle, and then you have to calculate its radius. Put all the necessary details in your backsplash calculator to get the required results. 

For instance, we have mentioned a few types of different kitchens below:

Pro Tips While Measuring the Kitchen

  • You will have to calculate the backsplash area in square footage. Thus, you have to ensure one thing: there should not be anything between the measuring tape.
  • Please also remove all the coverings and paintings that might interfere with your measurements. 
  • Keep all the available furniture away and measure an empty place. However, if it is impossible to empty the whole area, try to measure the straight line without being tape bent or folded. 

Step – 3: Calculate Your Coverage

When you have all the necessary measurements, you can manually calculate the coverage area with a backsplash calculator. Simplify the measurement to figure out how many tiles you need; follow the simple methods: 

  1. Firstly, figure out what is the entire space area your tiles need. It will help you know the required area in inches for each tile.
  2. To measure the backsplash area, you need to have the height and width of the current backsplash.
  3. Once you know all the measurements, you should multiply the width by the length to have the total square inches required.
  4. Lastly, divide the number by 144 to get to know how many square feet of backsplash you require

For the round shape areas, follow these simple steps to figure out the required backsplash area:

  1. Firstly, you have got the diameter of the circle, and you need to divide it by 2 to get the radius of the circle
  2. Then, you need to multiply the radius by pi – or 3.14 to calculate your square feet area

Pro Tip While Calculating The Square Footage

  • Primarily you need to figure out the entire square footage area of the whole wall to figure out the backsplash area and subtract the square footage of any door or window from it. This will help you determine the square area for the entire wall, door, or windows. 

Step – 4: Calculate How Much Backsplash Tile I Need 

Once you know how many square areas you need, you should also know how many tiles you need to cover the area. Calculating how many tiles are needed to cover the area is easy. 

We have mentioned this process in simplified steps below:

  1. To figure out how many tiles you need, you first have to figure out the square area of one tile. For that, you need to multiply the length and width of the tile by inches. 
  2. After getting a specific number, you must divide the number by the area of one tile. 
  3. It will simply tell you how many tiles you need to cover your backsplash area. 

Alternatively, you can also use the backsplash calculator to calculate the number of tiles required in easy 3 steps. 

Step – 5: Adding Overage 

Every backsplash work needs some overage products. It helps you in the time when you lose some products mistakenly or due to cuts. You always need 5-10% extra square footage material to have a backup. 

Depending upon the size, we recommend you take an extra 5% overage for work under 100 square feet, 7-8% overage for work between 100-300 square feet, and 10% overage for any project larger than 300 square feet. 

Pro Tip: If you remain with a few extra tiles, you should keep them safely on your roof or storeroom to use later if they need to be replaced. 

Final Words 

These are the 5 simple steps to measure the kitchen backsplash area. Measuring the kitchen backsplash area and determining how much material you need is straightforward. We have mentioned everything related to measuring in this article. We hope you like the guide and that it has helped you with “how to measure for kitchen backsplash?

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