How To Mirror iPhone To Roku Tv Without Wifi 2?

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How To Mirror iPhone To Roku Tv Without wifi 2?

Here, we will discuss some of the easiest ways of how to mirror iPhone to Roku Tv without Wifi2. Let’s check it step by step.

Step1: Purchase a Lightning to HDMI converter

Use a Lightning to HDMI converter to attach your iPhone to the TV if you cannot use wifi to reflect your Screen with AirPlay, such as when you are in a hotel or another location where your phone and the TV are not connected to the same network. There are other options besides purchasing Apple’s Lightning Digital AV Adapter.

  •  You can connect your iPhone to a different HDMI connection on your TV to mirror your iPhone’s Screen if you’re using an unlike brand of TV that also has a Roku player or streaming stick.
  •  If your Roku TV does not support AirPlay 2, you can still use a wire to reflect your iPhone’s Screen.
  •  Although most recent iPhones enable peer-to-peer AirPlay, it only functions with an Apple TV and not a Roku.

 screen mirroring iphone to tv without wifi

Step2: To the iPhone’s charging port, attach the adapter’s Lightning end 

You use the same port to sync and charge your iPhone.

Step3: Connect the adapter’s HDMI end to a free HDMI port on your TV.

You’ll need to switch to that port to see the Screen of your iPhone on your TV, so take note of the number that shows near it.

How To Mirror iPhone To Roku Tv Without wifi 2

Step4: Press the Home button on your Roku TV’s remote control.

Now, you can see the Roku home screen. In case you are using another brand of TV – You should now be able to see your iPhone’s Screen on your TV by pressing the INPUT or SOURCE button on your remote control, followed by choosing the HDMI port to which your iPhone is attached

 how to mirror iphone to tv without wifi or apple tv

Step5: On the home screen, click the HDMI port

Now, you have to click on the HDMI port on the home screen. For instance, choose HDMI 2 if your iPhone is connected to HDMI 2. Your iPhone will be displayed on your Roku TV after you select the input.

Follow the below step if you cannot see the correct port on the home screen.

  • The Home screen’s left panel contains a Settings option.
  •  Pick your TV’s inputs. You’re probably in the settings for your Roku Streambar and not your TV if you don’t see this option, and you’re also using a Roku Streambar. Try clicking the Home button on your TV (not the Streambar remote), then select Settings.
  •  Under “Inputs not used,” choose the HDMI input.
  •  Choose Set up input. It updates the HDMI input tile at the top of your Home screen.

 how to screen mirror iphone to roku tv


After reading this blog, you can now know “How To Mirror iPhone To Roku Tv Without wifi 2“. I hope you can connect the iPhone to Roku Tv without wifi.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs) –

  • Without wifi, how can I wirelessly connect my iPhone to my TV?

An HDMI cable connects to the bottom port of your iPhone via the Apple Lightning Connector. You may immediately mirror your phone’s Screen to your TV by clicking the device to the Lightning port on your phone, connecting an HDMI cable to your TV, and then plugging the HDMI wire into the Lightning Connector.

  • How can I use my phone to mirror my TV without using wifi?

Insert the HDMI end of the USB cord into the HDMI plug on your smart TV and the USB end into your phone to get everything working. It enables WiFi-free casting from your phone to a TV. You can use your mobile data to access other streaming services as well.

  • How can I make my iPhone screen visible on my TV?

On your iPhone, swipe down from the top-right corner of the Screen to see Control Center. Choose your Apple TV or an AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV from the list by tapping the Screen Mirroring button, which resembles two connected rectangles. If a passcode for AirPlay is displayed on the TV, enter it on your iPhone.

  • Can my iPhone be mirrored to a regular TV?

A Lightning Digital AV Adapter costs $49 and is available directly from Apple. To connect your iPhone to an HDMI cable, utilize this converter. The Lightning Digital AV Adapter should be connected to the HDMI cable’s opposite end after you have connected the HDMI cable to your TV. The TV will immediately display your iPhone’s Screen in mirror mode.

  • Is Bluetooth available on Roku?

You can enable Bluetooth on Roku and Roku TVs by utilizing a smartphone app compatible with Roku. It allows you to use your iPhone, Android device, or Windows computer as a Bluetooth connector to connect your Bluetooth speaker, headphones, or another device to your Roku TV.

  • For Screen mirroring, what is necessary?

Two parts are needed for Screen mirroring: a screen-sending device and a screen-receiving device. The screen-sending device uses a screen mirroring protocol. Screen mirroring protocols come in a variety.

Excellent illustrations include Google Cast on Chromebooks and Apple AirPlay on iPhones.

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