How To Play Video On Car Screen From iPhone?

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It can be an excellent method to divert yourself while driving to watch a video on your iPhone in the car. While watching a movie while driving is prohibited in certain nations, it is permitted in many others. You won’t have to worry about getting distracted while driving because you may utilize video apps to amuse your passengers in addition to watching videos. There are a few different methods to watch videos while driving.

Let’s briefly discuss “How To Play Video On Car Screen From iPhone?”

How to mirror an iPhone screen to a car screen?

Well, there are two ways to mirror an iPhone to the car screen.

  • CarPlay
  • Easy Connections

CarPlay – 

One of the best ways to cast your iPhone screen to your car mirror is to use the CarPlay features. By simply reflecting the iPhone’s screen onto your automobile’s dashboard, you may safely utilize the apps on your iPhone. 

You can use this to operate your iPhone and play music and audiobooks. This feature’s ability to predict traffic along the way and recommend an alternate route is also a plus point.

Follow the below steps to learn how to mirror an iPhone to a car screen using CarPlay.

Way1: Wired connection –

  • Connect your iPhone with a lightning cord to your car screen.
  • The CarPlay logo will then appear on the screen of your car.
  • The screen of your car has now been mirroring your iPhone.

Way2: Wireless connection –

  • Check to see if a wireless CarPlay option is available for your vehicle. On your steering wheel, merely push the Voice Control button.
  • Turn on Bluetooth and pair your iPhone with your car.
  • To mirror your iPhone’s screen to the screen in your car, navigate to Settings > General > CarPlay on your iPhone and pick your vehicle.

Easy Connections –

You may also use Easy Connection to connect to Mirrorlink and display your iPhone on your vehicle’s screen. With the help of this excellent automotive app, you can connect your smartphone to your car.

You can display and stream apps and other data, including audio and music, on the screen and speakers in your automobile.

The instructions below help you to learn how to mirror an iPhone to a car screen.

  • At the very first, you have to tap Apps on your car screen. Next, choose EasyConnection, then iPhone WiFi, and change the hotspot.
  • Next, choose the setting on your iPhone and turn on the personal hotspot.
  • Reconnect to your iPhone Hotspot from the dashboard of your automobile. Return to the Apps menu after connecting and pick EasyConnection once more.
  • Last, scroll up to reveal the Control Center on your iPhone, touch screen Mirroring, and select EC-Airplay from the menu. Then, your car will reflect what is on your iPhone.

How To Play Video On Car Screen From iPhone?

Well, playing the video on the Car screen from the iPhone is a hassle work. Anyone can easily do it. Follow the below steps to learn “How To Play Video On Car Screen From iPhone?”

  • At the very first, you have to go to the
  • Next, download the app. It just takes a few seconds.
  • Once you download the app, you can prefer the USB or Bluetooth according to your choice to connect the car.
  • Now, you can easily play any video that you like.


After reading this blog, you can learn “How To Play Video On Car Screen From iPhone.” You can connect your iPhone either by Bluetooth or via USB. Here, we also discuss connecting the iPhone to your car screen. It will help you, and you can enjoy driving safely by watching videos.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs) 

  • I want to watch movies on my car’s screen, but how can I do that?

To display their mobile devices on their automobiles, Android users can use MirrorLink. You can rely on this well-known automotive technology if you require a mirroring app. It runs in the background of your phone, and the dashboard display shows the audio playing through your car’s speaker when the audio is being played.

  • Can movies be watched on car screens?

Watch anything from your preferred streaming service on your car’s screen. Start enjoying it immediately by connecting the Magic Box to any CarPlay device! We advise getting a Magic Remote for more straightforward navigation if you don’t have a touchscreen.

  • Is screen sharing on Netflix blocked?

Netflix is DRM-protected, so you can’t always share the screen. It is an additional problem. It aims to stop friends from sharing content without permission. Use another web browser if you think this is the issue. We’ve tested Chrome, and it functions without a hitch.

  • Can you play videos on the Toyota screen?

All new Toyota vehicles equipped with the Entune suite come with the servicing as standard equipment. You might only need to activate your Entune membership if you drive a secondhand Toyota with Entune. Finally, get the Toyota Entune app for your iPhone or Android device.

  • The Bluetooth in a car can play YouTube?

First, the Bluetooth connection is insufficiently powerful to transfer a video signal. Thus you cannot play a video via it. The data must be connected via WiFi, though, to play. You can use this multimedia video box to make the necessary connection if your vehicle supports Apple CarPlay.

  • How do I use my Android phone in my car to play videos?

Installing the Android Auto Apps Downloader, also known as AAAD, is the simplest way to play videos on Android Auto. You may download and adequately install third-party Android Auto apps with this software. You have full access to all of the functions of your car’s built-in touch screen.

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