How To Put Discord On Speaker iPhone?

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Discord is a platform used for communication and chat, where multiple users connect and communicate through voice or text messages. It allows users to communicate hassle-free without any optical. It is commonly famous among gamers to be connected while playing games in teams. 

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How To Put Discord On Speaker iPhone?

Follow the below steps to put Discord on Speaker iPhone.

Step1 – At the very first, you have to join the voice channel. You can also make a private call if you don’t want to join the voice channel.

Step2 – Here, you can see the pop-up window. You must select the audio output in this pop-up window, so click on the speaker. (Speaker is for the audio output).

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Step3 – You must replace it with the speaker in the next step.

Step4 – After doing this, now, you can listen to what other users say both hands-free and through your phone’s speakers.

Discord the Speaker Button: What does it do? Do you still see it?

In addition to using the speaker option, you may share your screen directly from your phone, regardless of where you are. It is identified with a picture that looks like a phone and has an arrow pointing to it on top within the same pop-up window as the Speaker button. Stop Sharing is accessible directly from the notification panel and through the Stop Streaming button in your notification area.

Additionally, you may use shortcuts while running other programs and view who is speaking with the mobile Voice overlay option. You won’t have to return to Discord because of this, which is quite helpful! In the User options > Voice and Video area, you can reach the Overlay section by scrolling until you see it. One thing left to do is toggle the Enable Mobile Voice Overlay option in the team.

Which is Better, Discord or Skype?

Everyone has their preference but let’s talk about the genuine reason. Comparing Discord with Skype’s data reveal that Discord is superior. You can also say that Discord is more efficient than skype.

For voice calls, the bandwidth for Skype is 100 kbps, whereas Discord is 64 kbps. Hence, Discord is more effective as compared to Skype.

Do voice calls in Discord get recorded?

You can say “Yes” in a simple sentence and record the voice call in Discord. Most of the customers confirmed it. It keeps a record of every user conversation, but the source code cannot develop it, and the Discord source code is unavailable. You cannot find it anywhere. Along with the audio call, Discords also record all the video calls. So, it is compulsory to read the privacy policy of Discords carefully.


This blog will teach you “How To Put Discord On Speaker iPhone.” Furthermore, this blog will also let you know how Discord is better than Skype. After reading this blog, I hope all your queries related to Discord get cleared.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs) –

  • How can I modify the Discord audio output device?

To modify the Discord audio output device, select “Voice & Video” on the left in the Settings menu’s “App Settings” section. It will make the menu where you can modify your microphone or headset settings appear. Open the drop-down menu next to “Input Device” to select the microphone or headset Discord should employ.

  • Why do my headphones not allow me to hear Discord?

Sometimes you are unable to hear the Discord. If it happens to you, open Discord, navigate to User Settings (gear icon), and Opt for Voice & Video. Please see Output and Input. Use the drop-down menu to choose your headset. 

  • For Discord mobile, is a microphone required?

In a simple sentence, you can say that a “Yes” microphone is required. You can say that it is necessary to have a microphone to communicate with your Discord partners. A microphone is not needed, however, if you are speaking or writing. You must launch the app, join a channel, choose Settings, and navigate to the Voice & Video area to communicate on Discord. 

  • Can I use the Discord voice changer on my phone?

RoboVox is one of the most significant and widely used voice changers for Discord on Android, and it’s simple to use. It can capture your voice both live and on-demand. RoboVox is a leading voice changer thanks to its extensive selection of voice-changing styles.

  • Why am I unable to put the speaker on my Discord call?

Locating the Overlay section under User Settings > Voice & Video only takes a few clicks. In this case, all you need to do is turn on the Enable Mobile Voice Overlay option.

  • Can I use Bluetooth headphones with Discord?

You can use wired, cordless, or Bluetooth headphones with Discord whether you’re using it on a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Things go smoothly the majority of the time. Connecting your headphones to your phone is the only complicated step.

  • How can I modify the mobile Discord feed quality?

You may quickly raise the stream quality on Discord. Click the “Screen” button above your name and avatar in Discord’s lower left corner to accomplish the same. Then, make any necessary changes by hovering over the “Stream Quality” option.

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