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Sometimes we need reverse video editing for some project purpose. In such cases, it always becomes a dilemma for iPhone users to make such editing. Thus, this guide mentions two simple methods to reverse your video on your iPhone. 

Read this guide if you also want to reverse a video on your iPhone. Let’s begin the guide !! 

Method #1: Best Free Apps to Reverse Videos on iPhone

The reverse feature doesn’t come up in-built with the iPhone. Thus, you have to use an application to reverse your videos. We have mentioned the best application for iPhone users to change videos quickly. Let’s have a glance over these applications:

1. Reverse Vid

Reverse Vid is an excellent application for solving the issue of “how to reverse a video on iPhone.” This application has an intuitive interface that lets you reverse the video effortlessly. 

With the help of this platform, you can also share your reversed video on social media platforms with your friends, relatives, and followers. We have mentioned a step-by-step process below to change a video on iPhone:

Step – 1: Get Reverse Vid on Your iPhone. 

How to reverse a video on iphone

You can easily find the Reverse Vid on your App Store and download and install it. It would require the iOS 12.0 or later version to be accessed. 

Step – 2: Add Your Required Video

You can easily record any new video or import any pre-recorded video from your iPhone’s gallery. It would depend on your choice and need. 

Step – 3: Adjust Reverse Speed 

How to reverse a video on iphone

As shown in the image below, you can easily use a slider to select your video’s reverse playing speed. Once you choose all the requirements, all you have to do is to tap the save button below. 

2. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is an excellent application for iOS and Android both. It has various impressive features for editing a video at a different levels. You can easily split your video or even trim it. You will also get the transitions, stickers, effects, filters, and texts to edit the video to its fullest. You will also get an option to speed up, slow down or play the video in a backward direction. 

We have mentioned a step-by-step process below to reverse a video on iPhone:

Step – 1: Get FilmoraGo on your iPhone.

Open your App Store and search for the FilmoraGo there. You have to download and install it from there on your iPhone. 

 how to reverse a video on iphone 11

Step – 2: Launch FilmoraGo on your iPhone and select the video. 

Access the application on your iPhone and follow all the instructions on the screen. You can see a (+) icon to access your gallery’s media files. Then, you have to select and reverse the video of your choice. 

 how to reverse a video on iphone 11

Step – 3: Edit and Reverse Video 

You can tap the import button then. Once your video is loaded on the FilmoraGo, you can use various editing options such as cut, trim, add effects, volume, split, and video speed. After the speed tab, you can see a reverse button, which will help you reverse your video. Click on the button, and your video will start reversing. 

After processing, you can preview the videos and re-check how your reverse video looks. If you find any flaw, fix it. Otherwise, tap the “Export” button to get your video reversed on your iPhone. 

how to reverse video in imovie on iphone

Method #2: How to reverse a video on iPhone without an App? 

Suppose you want to reverse a video on your iPhone without needing an application. Then, there are some ways to rewind the video on your iPhone through the browser. Here, we have mentioned a complete guide on how to reverse a video on iPhone

1. Clideo 

Clideo is an online platform that offers reverse video on the browser for any iPhone user. All you have to do is follow several simple steps. You don’t have to worry about the video formats, even as it supports almost all video formats with numerous editing options. Since it will directly operate from the browser, you don’t need to download software or applications. 

You have to follow simple steps:

Step – 1: Open your web browser and search for

Step – 2: On the main screen, you will get the option to select “Choose File.” You must tap on it to pick your video from your iPhone device. 

Step – 3: Your video will start uploading within a few minutes. 

Step- 4: Once your video is uploaded, you can reverse your video directly from your iPhone. You will get three options for reversing your video: double speed, same speed, or half speed. 

Step – 5: You must click on the mute button to avoid any unnecessary additional voice while reversing your video. You can also change your video’s format. 

Step – 6: After selecting all the formalities, click on the Reverse button to complete your process. Preview the video and download it for later. 

 how to reverse a video on iphone without an app

2. EZgif

EZgif is also one of the best platforms for reversing iPhone videos. Along with reverse options, you will also get various other editing options, including cut, crop, resize, speed modifier, rotate direction, and many more. Likewise the previous platform, you can also access this platform through an iPhone browser from anywhere. 

You have to follow simple steps:

Step – 1: Open your web browser and search for

Step – 2: You can either directly upload your video from your iPhone or paste your video’s link. The maximum limit here would be 120 MB. 

Step – 3: In the next step, you must select the mute options and video format and tap on the reverse video option. 

Step – 4: After clicking on it, your video’s reversing process will start. 

Step – 5: Once the video is reversed, you can play and download it easily. Choose your option based on your needs and requirements. 

 how to reverse a video on iphone without an app

Final Words 

This guide consists of two best methods to reverse a video on an iPhone. One method requires you to download an app from your App store, while the other method gives you access to the platform directly through your web browser. We hope you like this guide and find the best way to reverse your video. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  • How do I reverse an existing video?

Simple steps to reverse an existing video on iPhone:

  1. Access your video file. Select your clip through your device. 
  2. Make all the necessary edits in your video and select the speed. 
  3. Save the reversed video on your iPhone.
  • Can you reverse a video on iMovie iPhone?

Firstly, you have to select your video on your iPhone and tap the Speed Button a little above the “Viewer.” Then you have to check the box for the reverse options. 

  • How do you put a video in reverse on your phone?

You can use TikTok on your mobile phone to reverse your video. Firstly, you have to record a video through your TikTok application. Then, after recording the video, you need to select the “Reverse” option to reverse your video recording. Save your video in that zone and keep it on your iPhone.  

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