How To Screenshot On Lg Cell Phone?

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With screenshots, you can share your screen with someone else for assistance or store fascinating screens for later. All LG phones have a built-in feature to take screenshots using the phone’s buttons. An app named “QuickMemo+” that makes it simple to snap, annotate and share screenshots is also included with many LG phones.

Here, in this blog, we will discuss in detail the “How To Screenshot On Lg Cell Phone?”

How To Screenshot On Lg Cell Phone?

There are occasions when you want to keep something except a picture. For example, taking screenshots of a chat you had with someone makes it much simpler to capture than manually storing individual SMS messages.

You may be beta testing a program or just trying to record an error message on your usual programs. A screenshot can assist the developer in obtaining input to fix the issue and make it simpler for you to hunt up solutions on your own in the interim.

Here, we will discuss two different methods. You can choose any one which resonates with you.

Method1 – Button Combo

Most Android phones allow users to take screenshots by pressing a few basic buttons, and LG phones are no different. It will be your finest choice if you merely need to capture a snapshot quickly.

  • Start by visiting the web page or screen you want to capture.
  • When you hear a camera sound, press and hold Volume Down + Power button for a few seconds.
  • Verify the screenshot you saved to the device gallery.

Method2 – Use an App

Your phone is comparable to a computer. You can quickly capture a screenshot of whatever is on your screen, which is good, but there are occasions when you want more control. We’ll show the QuickMemo+ app, which enables a quick screenshot shortcut and a shortcut in your notification shade. Although the program also offers quick screenshot editing and category sorting.

  • First, you must download the “QuickMemo+” app and install it on your phone.
  • Open the capture in which you want to take the screenshot.
  • Next, the Notification panel can be seen by swiping down from the top of the screen.
  • Now, it’s time to use the QuickMemo+ app. This button is often found in the upper-left corner of an open Notification panel. But, in most LG phones, QuickMemo+ comes preloaded. The screenshot will capture whatever is visible even while the Notification panel is open.
  • This app also allows you to write something on the screenshot. To write something, you have to tap the “T” button. Using the tools that display above your keyboard when inputting text, you can alter the font style or include checkboxes.
  • When you want to be reminded of the note, choose the date and time by tapping the tiny “Add reminder” button in the bottom-left corner.
  • It will be saved for convenient access in QuickMemo’s storage after you tap the Save button.

Where to find the screenshot?

Once you have taken a screenshot of whatever you want, it’s time to find the screenshot. Generally, you can hassle-free find the screenshot in your phone gallery. 

Many modern phones even offer a dedicated folder to prevent screenshots from interfering with your regular images. From here, choosing your snapshot and sharing it by social media, text message attachment, email, Reddit upload, or any other purpose you had in mind is a pretty simple process.


After reading this blog, now you can know “How To Screenshot On Lg Cell Phone?” Here, in this blog, we have discussed two different methods. You can choose any one which resonates with you. Finally, we also discuss finding your screenshot image. This blog will help you, and you can take screenshots.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

  • On my LG phone, why can’t I screenshot it?

Verify the Android settings. For some programs to allow screenshots, your settings must have the screenshot option turned on. Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Default apps > Assist & voice input on your phone.

  • Why doesn’t my screenshot display?

The Function (Fn) key is typically placed close to the Windows key. Check if a screenshot is taken using this shortcut by simultaneously hitting the Fn and Print Screen keys. Fn + Windows + Print Screen is another option.

  • How can I turn on the screenshot feature in settings?

Click on Advanced Features after going to Settings. Access Gestures & Movements. Palm Swipe To Capture is an option that may be found by scrolling down; turn it on. Placing your hand vertically on the smartphone screen’s right or left edge and swiping it will snap a screenshot.

  • How can I include a screenshot button?

Sliding to and tapping the Tasks panel will choose it when you press the Settings button at the bottom. Under the panel, select Edit. On the right side, your chosen shortcuts will show up. Scroll left and hit Take screenshots to add this shortcut.

  • On my Android phone, where is my screenshot?

The “Screenshots” folder is where most Android devices store screenshots. It also applies to the Samsung Galaxy. Find the “Screenshots” folder by opening your preferred gallery or file manager application. Google Photos for Samsung Galaxy devices is a strange exception.

  • On an Android device without a volume button, how do you screenshot?

To take a screenshot, swipe your palm across the phone from left to right or right to left. However, you must allow it in the settings to utilize it. Enable Palm Swipe by selecting the device’s settings and selecting Motions and gestures. Similarly, Huawei handsets allow you to take screenshots using the Knuckle gesture.

  • Without the side button, is it possible to screenshot it?

On your Android device, start by going to the screen or application you wish to take a screenshot of. Press and hold the home button to activate the Now on Tap screen, which enables screenshots without a button. Let go of the home button on your Android device when you see the Now on Tap screen slide up from the bottom.

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