How To Throw An Alley Oop In 2k17 Xbox 360?

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NBA games provide players with various tools, that particularly in the City, allow them to be as dazzling as they like. The alley-oop is among the most effective ways to succeed while looking attractive. The play can be used as a legitimate weapon on the virtual court in addition to earning style points.

In this blog, we will discuss in more detail “How To Throw An Alley Oop In 2k17 Xbox 360?

How To Throw An Alley Oop In 2k17 Xbox 360?

The tremendous opportunities that arise in transitional circumstances are well known to all. Double tapping the triangle or Y buttons provides an excellent opportunity to make a basket when you’re in a 2-on-1 fast break, and your teammate is a high flier without the ball.

When we talk about the How To Throw An Alley Oop In 2k17 Xbox 360?, you must hold down the left trigger to start your power meter, then let go to a dunk by pressing the A button.

What may NBA 2K17 players do to use the alley-oop as a weapon?

Despite being slightly more complex, it is also more successful. In NBA 2K17, there are numerous ways to use the pick-and-roll, which is unquestionably the most efficient play in basketball. One of them is the lob pass. The PS4 and Xbox One are compatible with this.

You can ask anyone for a screen, but using one of your bigs will be more straightforward. The nearest big man will set the screen when you click L1 or the LB button.

If you see what it takes to complete the lob we’re about to explain, choosing a specific teammate to set the screen might be too difficult.

The moment you press L1 or LB and your teammate begins to approach to establish the screen, give the ball to him using the X or A button while holding it tight. Hold onto it.

As a result, you will be able to execute the standard give-and-go play, which is also highly powerful. If you keep pressing either the X or A button, you will continue to be in charge of the person who initially passed the ball.

Cut to the hoop while playing the defender off. Press square and R2, or the X button and RT keys, while holding the X or A buttons once you’ve used a fake or two to open a path for yourself in the race. It would help if you acted quickly because this state will only last for a short while.

The big who was supposed to set the screen will lob it to the original passer if he has a clear path to the lane for the dunk.

The only catch is that you’ll need an athletic point guard or original passer. Your initial passer will try to lay the ball up without a block.


After reading this blog, you can know “How To Throw An Alley Oop In 2k17 Xbox 360?“. It is straightforward to throw An alley-oop in 2k17. You must hold down the left trigger to start the power meter and press the A button to go to a dunk. This blog will help you, and you can learn “How To Throw An Alley Oop In 2k17 Xbox 360?

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs) 

  • In 2K17, how do you perform dribbling moves?

Here are a few of my efficient dribbling techniques to help you get to the basket.

Crossovers – Flick the right stick in NBA 2K17 in the direction of the ball handler’s opposite hand.

Back away – Holding the right trigger button while simultaneously aiming your right stick out from the hoop activates it.

Dribbles in Time.

  • The alley-oop was initiated by who?

A high-arcing toss from quarterback Y. A. Title to wide receiver R.C. Owens, who would outleap smaller cornerbacks for touchdown receptions, is known in sports as an “alley-oop,” and it first occurred in the 1950s by the San Francisco 49ers of the NFL.

  • What is the windmill dunk technique?

Swing your fully extended arm in a circular motion as you jump in the air holding the ball in one hand. This motion must be even and fluid, similar to a windmill turning. Put the basketball in the hoop. Slam the ball into the circle as you stretch, and the rotating arm gets closer.

  • Why is it so challenging to make dunks?

It results from the perceived and actual shortage. With Nike SB dunks, the vast majority of colourways are only available in skate shops, with a few also being offered at hand-picked boutiques and online retailers like SNKRS. This scarcity has spread to the more “popular” releases and colors due to the current flood of new enthusiasts.

  • What is the Basketball 2K17 Xbox One dunk technique?

Grab your favorite basketball shoes and your controller, and lace them up.

When you are on offense, keep R2 (on a PS4 or XB1) depressed and move the Right Stick.

The Right Stick can be moved in any direction to dunk while you’re heading toward the basket.

  • What does the working meter in NBA 2K17 mean?

The MyCAREER mode of NBA 2K17 features a mechanic called “Doin’ Work.” It acts as an experience meter, topped out by participating in team practices, optional extra practice sessions, and playing around in MyCOURT.

  • What does a pick-and-roll in NBA 2K17 look like?

The pick and roll are initiated by pressing and holding the LB or L1 button while moving the power forward or center. If you are moving the ball with an emphasis on the small forward or center (the one nearest to the player you are controlling) will move over and offer a screen.

  • Are you able to dunk in three steps?

In the NBA and FIBA, players commit a traveling violation if they take more than two steps without dribbling the ball. The NCAA or NFHS does not permit two steps. In 2018, FIBA changed the rule such that a “gather step” could be taken before the two steps.

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