How To Unlock Classes In Skyforge PS4?

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The class structure in Skyforge is unquestionably unique, and there are three classes available to new players when they first begin the game. Considering the number of classes listed on the official website, this may be a bit of a shock. But, the process of unlocking those classes is a little typical. 

Thus in this blog, we will discuss in detail “How To Unlock Classes In Skyforge PS4?” 

How To Unlock Classes In Skyforge PS4?

Classes refer to the type of abilities the player can play with their character, whether it was chosen from the start or was unlocked during gameplay.

The Ascension Atlas is the main tool for increasing your character’s Prestige (basic level) and stats, and it also allows you to develop your character by unlocking new classes. The Ascension Atlas has two tiers, one of which you can access once you’ve advanced sufficiently in your first class.

You will be able to access the top tier of the Ascension Atlas once you advance to and unlock this stage in the progression of your first class. The upper level would surprise you if the first Atlas tier led you to believe that customization could have been more extensive.

These are long-lasting enhancements because the numbers and talents you gain here apply to your character regardless of your class. Additionally, after much work, you can unlock new styles here. The nodes for opening classes are easily visible when you zoom out.

To unlock a new class, you must first go from the nodes of your starting class to one for the new class and then move back into a node in the center of that class.

The amount you receive each week is limited. It would be best if you had a plan for the game, including which classes you want to prioritize first and which you want to start with. Planning your growth carefully will prevent Sparks from being wasted because some take considerably longer than others to branch out.

Right-clicking a class node and selecting “Find Path” will automatically cause the Ascension Atlas to lay out your route to a new class. You can avoid memorizing the way by doing this.


After reading this blog, you can now answer “How To Unlock Classes In Skyforge PS4?” This has responded to any questions you may have had about how classes in Skyforge are unlocked. Take the time to consider your long-term goals because the game needs you to plan for your character’s future.

Early on in the game, you can try out every class. If you’re unsure what to shoot for, wait for the Training Room to open before making plans based on the categories you enjoy the best.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs) 

  • In Skyforge, how do I choose a class?

We recommend entering the training pod at the Divine Observatory to assist you in determining the class you want to strive for. You can test out the various courses from here, decide which one you want to use, and then begin planning from that point.

  • In Skyforge, how do you open temples?

The additional 15 classes must be unlocked by advancing through the Provinces once the player chooses their initial three classes. As you complete the Temple for each class, Sparks of Transformation must purchase that class.

  • Which classes may you take when you first join Skyforge?

At the beginning of the game, the Lightbringer, Paladin, and Cryomancer classes are available to new players. Intermediate and advanced classes, maybe with five in each, become available over time by completing various quests and earning rewards.

  • In Skyforge, how can you open up more classes?

You can choose from three Skyforge classes when the game starts. Through gameplay, you can get the others. Progress across the provinces is very important. It will begin for sale as soon as you pass each class’s Temple.

  • How do I acquire a lifelong mount in Skyforge?

Around 1,000 prestige into the main plot quest is when you’ll get your first mount, the Gravicycle. You’ll only need one license to use it, and it gives you a total of 60 minutes to utilize the support. You can keep it permanently once you’ve used ten temporary licenses (210k credits per license).

  • What number of classes does Skyforge offer?

Eighteen classes are available in Skyforge, each with unique play styles and strengths. Others need more time and patience to learn, while certain classes are simpler to grasp. Your preferences will determine which class is ideal for you, but you are free to switch at any moment if you’d like to try something new.

  • Where can I learn Skyforge’s godly ways?

Faith, the substance that feeds your godly abilities, can only be obtained through completing unique divine missions. Until you regain your strength, you will revert to a meager immortal until you run out of Faith or are defeated. You do, however, get to don a halo, which lets other players know how to treat you.

  • Are novices in confessor class good?

Confessor. The Confessor is your best option if you’re looking for a well-rounded beginners’ class. The Confessor starts the game with the highest starting level of any origin and a respectable shield, which is a useful weapon if you still need to get more comfortable with Soft fighting.

  • Is skyforge steel superior to Elven steel?

In terms of look, it is identical to the Steel Sword, but it deals more damage, on par with an Elven Sword. Elven weapons can be replaced by Skyforge Steel Swords, which are superior because they are lighter and need fewer expensive materials to upgrade while dealing the same amount of damage.

  • Is an iron sword superior to a silver sword?

Compared to steel, silver is more delicate. It won’t retain an edge, is heavier and softer, and deforms rather quickly. There are 0 instances in which silver would be more advantageous than steel unless you’re going for some garish adornment when you try to make a good impression by brandishing a fancy but probably pointless sword.

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