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The Witcher 3 crossbow can’t be accessible like most other weapons and requires an extra step to wield. It’s useful for stunning flying adversaries or battling underwater. It shouldn’t be shocking that The Witcher 3 is experiencing a significant rebirth given that it has now arrived on the Nintendo Switch and the success of the Netflix series adaption.

If you are entirely new or want to come back to the game and wonder about “How To Use Crossbow Witcher 3 Ps4“, this blog will help you a lot. So, continue reading this and gain knowledge.

How to use the Crossbow Witcher 3 PS4

The Witcher 3 crossbow is not as simple as any other. Anyone who wants to use it should make little effort to use this properly. The Crossbow needs to accoutre using the quick item wheel. To use the crossbow, first you have to achieve it. Once you achieve it, follow the below steps.

Follow the below steps to use the Crossbow Witcher 3 PS4 

Step1 – The Crossbow should be inserted into the ranged weapon slot using the inventory option in the main menu, just like any other piece of gear.

Step2 – By pressing “Tab” on a PC or “L1” on a PS4 or Xbox One, you can leave the interface and reach your spell/weapon wheel.

Step3 – Choose the Crossbow after considering your options. Set it as the quick item you have with you right now.

Step4 – To use the Crossbow, you must press and hold the quick item button. To use this, you can use “R1” on the console, and for PC, you have set it to “Middle Mouse” by default. It allows you to enter the aiming mode and also allows you to use a crossbow.

Step5 – To fire the Crossbow, you must release the middle mouse button or R1 on the console whenever you want to aim.

Step6 – Remember that a crossbow is usually not a viable first line of defense. It is far less effective at sniping than swords and much weaker.

Step7 – The Crossbow has two exceptions: it is beneficial in underwater warfare and can be used to stun flying adversaries, compelling them to engage in physical combat.

Whom to Use the Crossbow Against 

Even if you’re not designing a build expressly for the Crossbow, it can still be beneficial against specific types of foes and in particular circumstances, namely these foes and circumstances.

Flying enemies – One of the Crossbow’s significant advantages is immediately evident when it launch—it can hit does your sword can’t reach and frequently knocks them out of the air. This weapon is specifically designed to be used against warring griffins. 

It might deal less damage, but if you use a ranged attack to knock down flying adversaries, you can use some high-damage melee attacks to finish them out.

Underwater enemies – The Crossbow is the only underwater weapon used, leaving it your primary defense against would-be drowners or harpies.

Attack the boat – Geralt has two options while you’re in a watercraft: he can either stand up and move around normally or sit still and steer. While using the rudder, your Crossbow is your only weapon of attack, giving you complete control. Stay sat in the back and fire at anyone who gives you a strange look if you need to move around.


After reading this blog, I know you can learn “How To Use Crossbow Witcher 3 Ps4“. Above, we discuss seven steps. Follow the above steps, and you can use the Crossbow Witcher3 PS4. In this blog, we also guide you on whom you can use the Crossbow. I hope this blog will help you and you will enjoy your game.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs) 

  • I can’t use my Crossbow in Witcher 3. Why is that?

For your Crossbow, you don’t have any bolts. If you cannot have a bolt, you cannot use the Crossbow. Bolts are compulsory. The default one has an endless supply of ammunition and is fixed.

  • How is a crossbow rigged?

Equip the Crossbow in the proper weapon slot by going to the Weapons and Armor inventory, just like you would any other item of gear. Geralt can equip specialty bolts if he possesses them, but an endless supply of regular bolts will be automatically loaded in the slot next to the Crossbow.

  • How does Witcher 3’s secondary weaponry work?

They should go in the steel sword slot. It might be too advanced for you. You can’t equip it just yet if there’s an ‘x’ over the item. When you right-click something, it ought to move there on its own.

  • I have a Witcher 3 sword. Why can’t I use it?

It is annoying to experience this bug, primarily when using parry when casting or attacking signals. It can frequently be fixed by just switching the sword’s sheath. If it doesn’t, switch the sword first. Then switch it again, depending on whether the sheat is on or off. Now it ought to function.

  • What is the Witcher 3 that has the best steel sword?

Without question, the Witcher 3’s best steel sword is the Toussaint Knight’s sword. With +300 armor-piercing, it is undoubtedly the greatest of the best and destroys any opponents it comes across. It’s incredible how much damage this blade deals, 745-911.

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