Jay Leno Released From Burn Center, Seen For First Time With Facial Scar

Jay Leno was released from a burn clinic in Los Angeles ten days after sustaining burns to his face, chest, and hands. Leno may be seen with scars on his neck and hands in the first photograph made public since the accident, which was given by West Hills Hospital & Medical Center.

Jay Leno has now been discharged from the Grossman Burn Center in Los Angeles. He was taken there last week after one of his many antique cars caught fire and burned him badly.

Jay Leno Released From Burn Center, Seen For First Time With Facial Scar

In the photograph, Leno appeared in high spirits as he departed the center, but not before posing with Grossman Burn Center healthcare employees. Leno’s facial scars are visible in the shot near his jawline and on his neck. His left hand appears severely burned, while his right hand appears in better condition.

Who is Jay Leno and What Has Happened

The 72-year-old former “Tonight Show” host was transported to the hospital after a gasoline fire broke out in his Burbank, California garage on November 12. Leno was repairing a 1907 White Model G Steam Car when a clogged fuel line caused gasoline to splash across his face and hands. A spark subsequently ignited the gasoline. 

Although a nearby friend could provide immediate assistance, Leno was left with “deep second-degree and maybe third-degree burns.” He underwent two surgical procedures and hyperbaric oxygen therapy throughout his hospitalization.

“Jay wants everyone to realize how grateful he is for the care he received and for all the best wishes,” the burns clinic stated in a statement. He wishes everyone a good holiday and looks forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with his family and friends.

Leno’s treatment consisted of high-pressure oxygen therapy to promote recovery and surgery in which the burn sites were cleansed and shaved away. Grossman added that a temporary “biological skin substitute” was also applied.

In a statement issued one week ago, Leno stated, “I am OK. I need one or two weeks to recover.” On Sunday, November 13, Leno postponed his presentation at a Las Vegas financial conference due to a “serious medical issue,” according to his agents, before it was revealed that he had been in an accident.

The comedian was supposed to feature at a financial conference in Las Vegas but could not attend, according to an email from The Financial Brand to Forum 2022 registrants. Currently, he hosts Jay Leno’s Garage on CNBC, whose seventh season finale aired on October 26, and the return of the syndicated game program You Bet Your Life.

Despite his situation, Leno has been “a wonderfully polite and engaged resident,” Grossman stated that the comedian had given cookies to kids in the burn unit earlier that day. Although Grossman predicted that Leno would recover fully, he stated that “some of the facial burns are deeper and more worrying.”

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