Kratom Powder Vs Extract: What’s the Difference?

Have you ever heard about the supplement “kratom”? Well, it is a medicinal herb and hence is immensely popular in countries like Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and some other South Asian countries as well. However, Kratom acts wonderfully as a medicinal herb; as per some reports, this medicinal herb has not yet been qualified as a medicine. Kratom can deal with problems such as depression, anxiety, and some chronic illnesses. 

Moreover, Kratom is available in various forms, such as a medicinal paste, pills, powdered form, a capsule or even an extract. So, whichever form suits you best, you can choose for yourself. But the effect of Kratom in each of these forms would be the same. You won’t get any unusual benefit from a particular form as the benefits rendered are the same. 

Kratom Powder Vs. Extracts

If you are unsure about where the kratom powder arises, then we would like to clear out your confusion here. As kratom extract is produced from the leaves of the mitragyna speciosa tree, similarly the kratom powder is also produced the same way.

But to formulate kratom powder, farmers across the nations such as Indonesia and many others grow and harvest kratom leaves in large quantities before grinding them into an ultra fine powdered sugar.

So, now that you are quite aware about the functioning part of kratom extract and kratom powder, now the next step would be to know which form proves to be more beneficial among both of these.

But before that let’s gather some other details about them below:

How does kratom work for different people?

Different people have different bodies, meaning that each type of medicine might act differently for them. It can be a great challenge to determine which form of Kratom would work the best for your body, whether a capsule, a pill, a powder or even the extract. You will have to analyse this on your part. 

In addition, Kratom is highly portable and can be stored safely for a longer time. So, even if you are not consuming Kratom for quite some period and are willing to store it, you will be able to do this with utmost ease. Also, you won’t find any difficulty in finding Kratom powder as it is easily available as it has become a highly popular supplement these days. 

Moreover, we don’t know if you know, Kratom has many similarities with that coffee. Why? Because the Mitragyna Speciosa tree from where the Kratom powder is extracted belongs to the coffee family. 

This blog explains everything about Kratom Powder Vs Extract. So, know everything about it before you move on to buy it for yourself. 

What’s the difference between Kratom Extract and Kratom Powder?

As we have discussed above, Kratom is a plant converted to the powdered form once it matures. In simple words, upon maturing, the leaves of the Kratom plant are dried up before they are crushed. Why? So that it renders even more benefits for itself. So, once these leaves are crushed and chopped finely, they are converted into fine powder. 

Coming to what Kratom Extract is, it is a concentrated form. In simple terms, the initial steps for preparing the kratom extract are the same. But yes, some extra efforts are being involved in converting it into a concentrated form. 

Kratom extract Vs Kratom Powder: Which is more vigorous?

Well, now that you know about kratom extract and kratom powder, it’s time to know which one is more vigorous. While making the purchase, when you read the label of the kratom extract, you will see a ratio of 2:1 which means that the kratom extract is much stronger than the kratom powder. 

Now you must be very curious about why this isn’t it. Well, kratom extract has more alkaloids than powder. It is what makes Kratom extract much stronger than the powder form. 

Now let’s understand both of them in brief below:

What is kratom extract?

When we talk about kratom extract, we mean it is the most concentrated form of regular kratom powder. This concentration can be made from the whole leaves as well. As the kratom plant is full of alkalines, so during the extraction process, the main motive is to pull out the desired alkalines of the plant material. 

It would help if you were very confused about how this extraction works. Well, it is done with the help of boiling the kratom powder or the plant material. Afterwards, this powder is strained to get rid of the solid particles. So, when this turns into a purified form of Kratom, it can then be processed into kratom tea, kratom oil and even into kratom extract dosage, which is far more powerful than the standard powder.

Now let’s understand kratom powder in brief:

What is kratom powder?

As discussed, kratom powder is a herbal extract extracted from the evergreen tree Mitragyna Soeciosa. It is grown in Southeast Asia. Kratom leaves are chewable, and these can even be swallowed or brewed. Moreover, kratom powder is also used as a substitute for opioids. It can worsen or even act sedative if you consume it in a very high dose. So, avoid taking it in higher quantities to avoid drowsiness.

Where did Kratom come from?

The locals of Southeast Asia first found Kratom from some plant. After carefully experimenting with Kratom, they have been using it to treat themselves for issues such as fatigue, depression, stress, anxiety, and other chronic illnesses. However, some people consume kratom leaves directly from the tree, while others use them in a concentrated form, also known as kratom extract. 

However, Kratom has been ultimately a popular supplement in Southeast Asia, but slowly and steadily, it is spreading to other countries too, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and more. Moreover, you will find Kratom in some other countries like Papua, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and more. 


The concentration of the beneficial compounds found in both kratom powder and kratom extract is completely different. It means that each has different benefits, making them different. As both of them have different concentration levels, there would obviously be a slight difference in their effectiveness. Moreover, the number of alkaloids also influences the euphoric quality. 

As we have discussed above, kratom extract is concentrated, which means it is much more potent and effective than kratom powder. But this does not mean you can take the same dosage for both these products at the same time intervals. It might cause side effects due to overdosing, like constant vomiting, drowsiness, headache, nausea and many more. It’s better to take a single product simultaneously to avoid any mishap.

To be very precise, the regular dosage for kratom powder lies somewhere between 1 and 2 grams. However, if you have just begun to consume it, we recommend you consume just a single gram. This way, you would be assured that there are no side effects on you after its consumption. Moreover, you can increase consumption quantity any day if everything goes well. But make sure not to over consume the product, as over 3 grams is dangerous and can cause bad side effects shortly. 

It is now coming to the dosage of kratom extract. It can be even more complicated. Why? Because the extract is measured in 2X, 5X, 10X and so on. Simply put, it would be even more beneficial if you begin your kratom journey with powder and then move to extract. It will give you unique benefits; hence, no side effects or complications will arise.

Benefits of kratom powder

Kratom powder has some unusual benefits for its consumers. Let’s have a read to them in detail below:

1. Dulls mild pain

For example, bone pain, joint pain, headache, back pain, etc., the best way to get rid of them is by consuming kratom powder. It would be quite a benefit for you. It would not just diminish the pain mildly but also help it to restrict moving ahead.

2. Boosted energy levels

For the ones whose energy levels are quite low and remain low throughout, no matter what they may do, kratom powder acts as a wonder for them. It has some useful compounds that help a person’s energy levels go up; hence, this is one of the best remedies available for people with low blood pressure.

3. Enhanced sexual stamina

Some people do not have good sexual stamina. The reason may be varied. Some either do not enjoy it, or they do not have much energy to perform it, leading to bad sexual chemistry with their partners. There are several remedies, and several doctors claim to sell the best product to boost sexual stamina. But nothing can be more effective than kratom powder. Why? Because the beneficial compounds inside it trigger your sex hormones which further helps you with a boosted sexual desire and stamina.

4. Uplifts mood

Well, many people do have a very low mood throughout. Their inner feelings are mixed sometimes, they are very happy, and sometimes they feel sad for them. Regular consumption of kratom powder would be the ultimate decision. It would not just uplift their mood but also help them stay happy and calm throughout.

Benefits of kratom extract

As we had discussed earlier, the effects of kratom extract can be much stronger and quicker than kratom powder. Let us justify our saying with some ultimate benefits of kratom extract below:

1. It acts as a good stimulant

Some people need stimulation in their life, which means they need a boost to perform their tasks with full motivation and zeal. It could be possible when you consume kratom extract regularly. The beneficial ingredients or compounds in this would not just help a person to stimulate but would also act as a good encouragement.

2. Reduces anxiety

Some people are very anxious, which makes their situation depressing later on. It’s better to treat and heal anxiety symptoms before letting them grow. Otherwise, it may get worse. Here we recommend that people suffering from anxiety prefer taking Kratom extract regularly. It would lower anxiety symptoms, if any, and give them a happy and satisfying life.

3. Improved Concentration level

When you lack clarity in life, in short, when you do not have a clear vision in your life, you lack motivation, which is when you lose your concentration level. It would help if you had a good concentration level and vision while working and towards your life going forward.

4. Enhanced Relaxation

When we monotonously follow a similar routine each day, our mind becomes stiff and here is when we require some rejuvenation. Well, adding kratom extract to your daily routine would be good. It would calm your inner self and, at the same time, give you a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep.

Side effects of Kratom

Like any other medicinal herb, Kratom also comes with several side effects. However, a health practitioner can help you guide you with the best about the side effects kratom may cause you, but we have done some research on this part. 

As Kratom has some pertinent health concerns, many countries have restricted its usage. 

There are some mild to severe side effects which you might face after consuming Kratom. 

Some of them are listed below:

  •         Dry Mouth
  •         Mood Changes
  •         Diarrhea
  •         Headache
  •         Drowsiness
  •         Itchiness
  •         Hallucination
  •         Constipation
  •         Nausea
  •         Loss of appetite

Kratom extract Vs Kratom Powder: Which one is better?

You can achieve the benefits of Kratom from both kratom extract and kratom powder. However, if a person is already consuming Kratom, they may switch to kratom extract to know the difference even better. 

However, they may get adverse side effects when a switch has been made, so be assured. On the other hand, for the ones who haven’t tried Kratom yet but are now willing to consume the same. Our recommendation would be, begin with, kratom powder. Why? Because this would have a low alkaline level. It’s better to begin with so that your body does not act differently when you switch to a higher extract dosage. 

Another reason why kratom powder would be the best choice is that it is inexpensive. As kratom extract is concentrated, it requires extra effort during the preparation. It can make it an expensive option.

So, this justifies, Kratom Powder Vs Extract.

We hope this article helps you.

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