Love Is Blind Stacy Job on Season 5: Aaliyah Instagram, JP Reddit, and Birthday

Love Is Blind Stacy Job: Have you been following Love Is Blind, the hit reality TV show? If so, you’re probably curious to learn more about the contestants, including Stacy Job, Aaliyah, and JP. In this article, we’ll probe into the details of these contestants from Love Is Blind Season 5.

Love Is Blind Stacy Job

Stacy Job is one of the standout contestants on Love Is Blind Season 5, which premiered on September 22, 2023. At 34 years old, Stacy is a director of operations and is also the owner of “The Closet Audit,” a closet organization business, as per her Instagram profile.

Stacy Job’s Academia

Her LinkedIn profile mentions her affiliation with the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, suggesting she may have completed her education there.

Social Media Presence

Stacy maintains an active presence on social media, particularly Instagram, where she boasts 20.5 thousand followers.

Her Personal Details

In addition to her professional endeavours, she is also a Pilates instructor. Stacy, a former college athlete, dedicates her free time to teaching Pilates. Despite her accomplishments, Stacy is currently single and on the lookout for a family-oriented partner.

Love Is Blind Aaliyah Instagram

Aaliyah is another notable contestant on Love Is Blind Season 5. At 29 years old, she works as an ICU travel nurse. Despite her busy career, Aaliyah has been single for over a year and is eager to find true love. You can find her on Instagram under the username @aalove4_, where she has a substantial following of 17.3 thousand fans.

Aaliyah: Nurse, Songwriter, Foodie, YouTube Enthusiast

Aaliyah is not only a dedicated nurse but also a creative songwriter. Her pursuit of love and creativity is evident in her social media presence. Aaliyah is in search of a partner who shares her passion for food and intellect. She also has a YouTube account, although she hasn’t posted any content there yet, and it has garnered 676 subscribers.

JP Love Is Blind Reddit

JP, whose full name is Jared Pierce, is a 32-year-old firefighter participating in Love Is Blind Season 5. He’s on Instagram under his real name, Jared Pierce, with 4950 followers. When it comes to relationships, JP prefers to keep things simple. In the show, he was originally paired with Taylor Rue, but they are no longer together. Despite this, JP’s charismatic personality has won over the audience, along with his memorable bond with Taylor. Although JP was born in 1991, the exact date of his birthday remains unknown.


The contestants, including Stacy Job, Aaliyah, and JP, are sure to make Love Is Blind Season 5 a hit. You can catch all the exciting drama and connections on Netflix. Stacy Snyder’s LinkedIn profile reveals her as a founder and creative director, and she enjoys a strong following on her social media platforms. For more details on Love Is Blind Season 5, be sure to check out the provided link.

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