Lunden Stallings LinkedIn: Origins, Parents, Net Worth, TIKTOK, and Twitter Account

Lunden Stallings LinkedIn: Discover the latest insights into Lunden Stallings’ origins, her presence on TIKTOK and Twitter, details about her parents, and an estimate of her net worth.

Were you aware that Lunden Stallings is ranked as the #4180 most popular TikTok star in the United States? Moreover, did you know that she recently tied the knot with Olivia Bennett, herself a notable #3872 TikTok star, on October 30, 2023, and shortly thereafter, some of Lunden’s previous tweets gained attention? In this article, we delve into Lunden Stallings’ LinkedIn profile and more.

Lunden Stallings’ LinkedIn

Lunden boasts 2,591 followers and has shared over 46 posts on her LinkedIn profile.

  • Name: Lunden Stallings
  • Age: 26
  • Occupation: Enterprise Account Executive
  • Origins: Atlanta Metropolitan Area


Roles Institute/FirmsYear
Intern  Medical Solutions May 2017-Aug 2017
Marketing Coordinator Nutrition Revolution Apr2018-Aug2018
Multimedia Reporter University of Central Arkansas Aug2015-May2019
Producer/Anchor   University of Central Arkansas Aug2017-May2019
News Director University of Central ArkansasJan2019-May2019
Strategic Inside Alignment ExecutiveSHI International Corp Jul2020-Sep2020
Strategic Inside Account ExecutiveSHI International Corp Sep2020-May2021
Enterprise Account ExecutiveSHI International Corp May2021-Present


Lunden Stallings Net Worth

Lunden Stallings’ net worth remains undisclosed.

Lunden’s Education

Bachelor of Arts         University of Central Arkansas
Broadcast Journalism 2015-2019
Sales Palo Alto NetworksAug-23
AWS Business ProfessionalAmazon Web Services (AWS)    2013-2017
Fortinet Network Security ExpertFortinet
Meraki Fit Sales Professional  Cisco Meraki
Microsoft Licensing Solutions SpecialistMicrosoft
VMware Certified and VSP FoundationVMware

About Lunden Stallings Twitter Account

Lunden’s Twitter profile, @lundenstallings, had been actively maintained until a recent revelation when her detractors exposed racially insensitive tweets, she had shared between 2012 and 2014. Screenshots of approximately five of these contentious Twitter posts started making the rounds on Reddit and Twitter. These posts were initially showcased on October 4, 2023, on the pages of @AdeptnessFluffy9621 and were subsequently disseminated on Reddit’s @r/lundenandolivia community.

Sharing Lunden Stallings Twitter Account posts

The Twitter account @nekotayo also shared screenshots of three racist posts made by Lunden. Lunden and Olivia were on their honeymoon. She was forced to end her vacation early in order to appease her admirers’ ire. Two screenshots from the Reddit pages revealed that Lunden frequently used the word “Nigger” in her previous tweets.

Lunden Stallings TIKTOK posts

The Reddit post received a lot of harsh criticism. Lunden and Olivia are both TikTok content creators with over 150K and 600K followers, respectively. Furthermore, the couple’s linked TikTok account has more than 703K followers. Reddit screenshot analysis indicates that it was also shared on TikTok.

Lunden Stallings TIKTOK apology

It is clear that Lunden does not wish to cultivate a negative reputation on social media as a racist. As a result, on October 4, 2023, she posted an apologetic video to TikTok. Lunden claimed that she has changed since she was an adolescent ten years ago.

Lunden Stallings’ Apology

Lunden Stallings’ Twitter account, @lundenstallings, was shut down because of the chaos. She apologised for her Tweets and expressed her shame. She felt ashamed of the language and mannerisms she had used in her ten-year-old Tweets. She admitted that she was to blame. Lunden Stallings’ parents are Blytheville, Arkansas natives Michael Don Stallings (the father) and Ashley Gilbow (the mother).

Social Media Backlash

Several social media users continued to be critical of her, causing some of her TikTok tweets to go viral. One of these tweets, which asked Where Is Lunden Stallings From? was seen by 1.5+ million users.

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Lunden and Olivia both have a following on TikTok thanks to their postings of LGBTQ+ content, extravagant lifestyles, and romance videos. Some people are against female-to-female weddings and the LGBTQ+ community. It is unclear whether Lunden Stallings’ parents agree with the topic. Lunden’s resurrected Tweets appear to be an act of retaliation in such a social setting, which had already damaged her reputation.

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