Novecosky Chris Obituary: And His Current Details Exposed

Novecosky Chris Obituary: This article probes into the obituary of Chris Novecosky and informs readers about the life of Joe Novecosky and Ava.

Are you familiar with the courageous acts of Chris Novecosky? This heroic individual has left this world while rescuing others. The obituary of Chris Novecosky is currently a topic of interest in Canada, as people wish to pay their respects at the funeral and offer their prayers for Chris Novecosky. In this piece, we will provide you with comprehensive information about Chris Novecosky’s obituary. Please peruse this article to discover more about this courageous soul.

Novecosky Chris Obituary

Based on online sources, Chris Novecosky passed away on November 4, 2023, while attempting to save the life of his niece. His obituary has been published online, specifying the dates and times for the funeral and burial services. A prayer vigil will be held on November 10, 2023, at the Cathedral of the Holy Family at 7 PM, followed by a Christian burial on November 11, 2023, at the same location, commencing at 1 PM.

How Did Joe Novecosky Pass Away?

Chris Novecosky, at the age of 38, lost his life in the act of saving his niece, who had fallen through the ice. Accompanying Chris was his brother, Joe Novecosky, who also leaped to the rescue. Joe’s obituary has been made available online, and his funeral and burial services will coincide with those of Chris Novecosky.

Obituary of Joe Novecosky’s Niece

The niece of these two courageous individuals, Ava Novecosky, tragically lost her life after falling through the ice and drowning in the lake. Her obituary has also been released online. The funeral service for Ava is scheduled for November 9, 2023, at St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church in Saskatchewan, commencing at 1030 AM.

The Real Heroes of Saskatoon

Joe and Chris Novecosky, hailing from the Saskatoon community, have been hailed as heroes after their selfless act in a Humboldt City Lake. The school in Saskatoon confirmed the loss of its student, Ava, who tragically perished alongside two family members. Joe Novecosky’s obituary has been shared alongside those of Chris and Ava.

This act of bravery by both brothers, who prioritized the lives of others over their own, is a testament to their heroism. They have left a legacy that will be eternally remembered.

Chris Novecosky and His Family

Chris Novecosky, a 38-year-old man, unhesitatingly jumped into the lake upon witnessing his niece’s dire situation, ultimately giving his life to save hers. He leaves behind his wife, Kristen Bilawchuk, with whom he spent four years. Joe Novecosky of Saskatoon and Chris Novecosky are two brave souls, and funds are being raised via GoFundMe, not for gatherings, but for acts of kindness.


We have provided a comprehensive overview of the lives and deaths of Chris, Joe, and Ava Novecosky. We hope you now have a clear understanding of the upcoming prayer gatherings and funeral services. We pay tribute to these valiant souls who risked everything to save a young girl, even if their fate had other plans.

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