Pokemon Arceus How to Evolve Togepi?

Pokemon Arceus is based in the Pokemon world in the past, when there was little peace between people and Pokemon. You are cast as a new member of the Galaxy Team, an expedition squad that conducts various surveying missions around Hisui. 

You’ll travel over the territory to complete various tasks, aiming to capture Pokemon and eventually catalog the region’s first Pokedex. Togepi is one of these Pokemon, and in this guide, you will learn in Pokemon Arceus how to evolve Togepi into a Togetic and Togekiss.

Where can you find Togepi?

Togepi, the adorable egg Pokemon, may be found relatively early in Pokemon Legends Arceus if you find it hard enough, but it’s not easy to find. It is important to note that the Spiked Ball Pokemon will not come after dusk, so make sure to relax in a base camp to spend the time to ensure that it is morning, lunchtime, or evening if necessary.

The little Pokemon may be found in the Crimson Mirelands, in Cottonridge Prairie, near where Petilil spawns. You’ll know you’ve arrived when you notice a flat spot with pink flowers where you can squat to hide from the Pokemon in the region. 

Togepi is a rare spawn in this area, which Petalil and Pachirisu mostly populate. If there are no Togepi when you arrive, you can quit the map and re-enter it for another shot at a Togepi spawn.

Guide on Pokemon Arceus How to Evolve Togepi?

Let’s see the guide on Pokemon Arceus how to evolve Togepi.

Togepi to Togetic

Togepi is a fairy-type Pokemon that does not appear to have fully hatched out of its egg; only its head, short hands, and feet are visible. The visible parts of its body are a delicate, cream tint, while the shell is primarily white. 

According to its Pokedex record in the game, there are reports that Togepi evolves under the supervision of its trusted human friend, to whom Togetic gives immense joy. That implies you’ll have to develop your Friendship with Togepi first, and then you’ll be able to make the first evolution to Togetic. 

To raise a Pokemon’s Friendship Level, the player should maintain the Pokemon in their party, utilize the Pokemon in battle, not allow the Pokemon to faint in battle, and use the Pokemon to gather resources from trees and ores.

To check your Pokemon’s Friendship Level, go to the Friendship Checker Belamy, which is located in the eastern section of Jubilife Village, just south of the Pastures. Togetic evolution requires the player’s Togepi to be on a high or the highest Friendship Level.

Togetic to Togekiss

After acquiring Togetic, the next stage is to evolve it into Togekiss. Trainers might also consider completing some of Togetic’s research tasks in order to gain access to Togetic’s Pokedex entry. Togetic will evolve into Togekiss if it is subjected to a Shiny Stone. Evolutionary stones can be difficult to get by in Pokemon Arceus. 

You can’t buy them at the store in Jubilife Village, but you can buy them with Merit Points or find them in rocks and crystals around Hisui. 1200 Merit Points are required to purchase a Shiny Stone (MP). Acquiring satchels and returning them to their owners will earn players Merit Points. Satchels can be recovered by selecting Lost and Found from the Communications menu.

After obtaining the Shiny Stone, enter the Satchel and use it on Togetic to finish its transformation and obtain Togekiss. So, in Pokemon Arceus, that’s how you evolve Togepi into Togetic and Togekiss.

What is the reason for evolving Togepi?

You’d want to evolve Togepi because of how good the evolved Togekiss special stats are. Togekiss has a high special attack and special defense, giving it both a powerful offensive force and a possible special wall.

They can learn powerful fairy-type moves as well as many acceptable coverages techniques from the move tutor, in addition to powerful fairy-type moves. Togekiss, for example, has access to powerful special attacks such as Shadow Ball, Flamethrower, and Psychic.

Togekiss may also master Magical Leaf and Water Pulse if you require even more diversified coverage. Togekiss can use a variety of physical damage-dealing moves, but you should disregard them because Togekiss’ attack stat is by far its weakest feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will your Togepi be able to evolve?

When a Pokemon in your team is ready to evolve, a pop-up with yellow writing on the left of your screen will notify you. When you open your party menu, you’ll notice that the Pokemon who are ready to evolve have a bright yellow Poké Ball beneath them. When you hover over this Pokémon, you will also see an “Evolve” notification at the top of the screen.

  • What makes Togepi so unique?

It is regarded as a good luck symbol. It is stated that its shell is packed with happiness. Togepi derives its energy from the pleasant sentiments of kindness and pleasure that people and Pokemon express. This Pokemon saves happiness inside its shell and then shares it with others.

  • What Friendship Level is required for Togepi to evolve?

Friendship can be enhanced or decreased based on how well the Pokemon does in battle or by feeding it specific medicine. If players are not careful, they might easily lose Friendship level with their Pokemon, delaying evolution. Togepi’s Friendship should be close to 225.


That concludes our guide on Pokemon Arceus how to evolve Togepi, and we expect that our information was clear. We’ve stated numerous times that Togepi’s first evolution would be based on Friendship Level, so you should focus on that throughout the evolving trip. 

Now that the player has a Togetic, they can try to use it to fulfill further requests, objectives, or Arceus’ task for the player, which is to catch them all.

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