Ps4 How To Delete Game Updates?

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PS4 is one of the leading and most famous online video games, but sometimes it is too frustrating when you can see updates while playing the games. But, no need to get frustrated because now you have a solution. You can quickly delete the game updates.

Here, in this blog, we will learn “Ps4 How To Delete Game Updates“?

Why is Ps4 so famous?

We all are familiar with the popularity of the Ps4. It is one of the most famous video games among the masses. Sony has worked with numerous game developers since the PlayStation 4’s release, and as a result, over time, has been able to secure some unique content for the PS4. 

These exclusive materials can include entire video games like The Last of Us (remastered), Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, etc., and exclusive weapons and skins for video games. 

Most of the exclusive stuff is fantastic and completely justifies purchasing a PS4. It also offers fresh and exclusive content. Due to these reasons, the PS4 has grown in popularity.

How to delete the PS4 game updates?

Now, it is possible to delete the PS4 game updates. Follow the below steps to delete the PS4 game updates.

Step 1: At the very, you have to go to the settings menu. 

Step 2: Next, you have to select the systems. 

Step 3: Now, click on the automatic downloads and uploads.

Step 4: Here, the options show the Update file.

Step 5: You have to click on the update files. It will allow you to delete any updates presently stored on your systems.

Does the PS4 Support USB Game Downloads?

Programs can be added to a USB storage device to function more like a computer. If they are kept on the PS4, programs for that system can be moved to expanded storage. Verify that the USB storage device you utilize satisfies these specifications. The first time you use your USB storage device, format it.

How to Move Games from a USB to a PS4?

Now, anyone can use the USB to move the PS4 games. Follow the below step to do the same – 

  • The PS4 system is compatible with USB storage devices.
  • When you select Saved Data in System Storage under Settings > Application Saved Data Management, you can copy your saved data to a USB storage device. 
  • Out of the available games, pick one. 
  • Put a checkmark next to any data you want to copy to copy it or select All.


After reading this blog, you can now know “Ps4 How To Delete Game Updates“. Here, we discuss the reason for the popularity of PS4 and five simple steps to delete the game updates. Also, you can know that PS4 supports USB downloads. And how to move the game from the USB to a PS4. After reading this blog, I hope you can quickly delete the update of the PS4.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs) 

  • Is it possible to revert a game update on PS4?

Yes. Now it is possible to revert a game update on PS4. You must return to your PS4 and download any digital PSN game; it will download its initial release without any patches or updates. If you’ve already downloaded the game, you’ll need to remove it and then download it again.

  • Could PS4 9.03 be jailbroken?

The likelihood of a PS4 9.03/9.04/9.50/9.51/9.60 jailbreak “soon” is particularly low because no kernel exploit is the subject of public discussion (many alone plans for a release) currently. If they don’t want to wait for several months, they should purchase a used PlayStation 4 for $9.00.

  • What occurs if I remove a PS4 game application?

Deleting a game from your PS4 typically leaves your saved game files and other game settings behind in case you decide to reinstall the game in the future. If you are sure you don’t need them, then the best option is to delete them.

  • Does uninstalling a game remove any saved games?

Each game has a different one. If you have an online connection when you start the game again after reinstalling it, you can still access it. Some games preserve the saves on your PC, some destroy them, and some save them in the cloud.

  • How come the PS5 downloads the PS4 version?

After a recent update, an old PS5 firmware issue appears to have returned, causing the console to install numerous PlayStation 5 games’ PlayStation 4 versions instead. Some users claim that their PS5 consoles persistently attempt to install the PS4 versions of some games, notably from an inserted disc.

  • Do PS5 games on PS4 look better?

Due to the updated hardware, you’ll notice faster load times and higher framerates. Numerous titles have been enhanced to make the most of the potent PS5 technology, optimizing those upgrades and raising graphic fidelity. But playing PS4 games on a PS5 opens up new opportunities.

  • How can I install a game manually on my PS4?

On a page, click Sign in at the top. Go to the Game Library > Purchased can be found in the PlayStation App. Choose Download after choosing the game you wish to download from your list of purchased games. Choose the PS5 or PS4 console connected to that you want to download.

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