Renault Arkana SUV Review Specifications, Features & Price in India 2022

Topic: “Renault Arkana SUV Specifications, Features & Price in India 2022” With exciting features and an eye-catching appearance, it’s no surprise this vehicle has received much attention recently. But how much will the price go? How long will it take to get it? Find out all this and more in this blog as we dive into the specifics of the Renault Arkana SUV. From its models to user feedback, we’ll cover everything you need to know before investing!

The new Renault Arkana SUV has been seen on Indian roads numerous times, and the company is set to reveal the Arkana SUV’s arrival in India officially. This is all we have learned about the coming Renault Arkana.

Renault Arkana SUV Price in India 2022

It’s not a secret that this Renault Arkana SUV is one of the most luxurious and thrilling automobiles available. It’s available in various variations, so it’s essential to choose the one that is the best for you.

The basic model targets the premium market, whereas the more expensive models include characteristics and features aimed at premium clients. When making reservations and waiting, expect it to be lengthy.

Renault Arkana SUV Make sure to prepare ahead and incorporate any delays that could occur into your schedule. Also, know all the vehicle details before making a choice. This way, you’ll earn an informed decision and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Renault Arkana SUV
Renault Arkana SUV

The company still needs to provide information regarding the Arkana SUV’s launch or price in India. However, we expect the price to be around Rs 10 lakh.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a news car report that caught our attention, and Renault Arkana is that vehicle! The new version of Renault is likely to be priced at Rs. 20.00 lakhs, making it among the most expensive cars currently available.

It has various options that make it ideal for people looking for an SUV that can handle all kinds of weather and terrain. This is why it’s a price worth considering when buying a car.

Renault Arkana Specifications

If you’re shopping for a new vehicle and considering this Renault Arkana SUV, you ought to look at it. It’s a fantastic car! It’s not just looking amazing but offers several options, making it an ideal transportation choice. Additionally, the cost is very affordable, which makes it an excellent value for the budget. If you need a new vehicle, don’t overlook it! Renault Arkana SUV!

The Renault Arkana SUV can be described as a that has Specifications. Renault Arkana SUV is a good car for families. It is spacious inside and has an outstanding performance. It’s also affordable and straightforward to drive. It is big enough to accommodate your entire family, as well as all their luggage. It is a significant investment.

Renault Arkana is an exquisite SUV with a variety of features. It provides a spacious interior and an excellent driving experience. It is constructed with a modern and modern look that makes anyone who drives look great.

It is also equipped with numerous characteristics, making it a good option for people who wish to have fun while going. If you’re seeking a luxury SUV that offers excellent value, then the Renault Arkana should be at the top of your list.

Renault Arkana SUV Features

Renault is announcing the release to the market of its Renault Arkana SUV, which has a variety of attributes that make it stand out from other SUVs in the market. The Arkana is designed to offer passengers an immersive experience.

The Renault Arkana features customizable exterior, interior, and autonomous driving capabilities, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a cutting-edge SUV.

Boot Space

The space in the Arkana boot differs based on your chosen model. When the rear seats are up, the hybrid car can hold an enviable 480 liters of storage, increasing to 1,263 liters with the seats folded down.

This is more than the Toyota C-358-1.102-litre HR’s capacity. The fuel version can hold 513 liters when seats are up and 1,296 liters when they are down, making it the Arkana among the largest coupe-SUVs available. It also has 28 liters of storage space beneath the boot’s floor.

Renault Arkana SUV Boot Space
Renault Arkana SUV Boot Space

It also means more room within the cabin – two 6-footers can fit in the rear, with ample headroom. This is different from some competitors, like the Toyota C-HR, which has an uncomfortably crowded back seat.

Despite the roofline that slopes to the rear, accessibility is easy with the seat comfortable, So the Arkana is ideal for carrying passengers. And because it’s a lot like a Captur on the front, it’s not a problem in terms of space.


It comes with two blackened alloy wheels that are cut on the exterior. The model with international specs features a length of 4545 millimeters, a width of 1820 mm, and a height is 1565 mm. The wheelbase, on the other hand, is 2721 millimeters in length.

Renault Arkana SUV Dimensions
Renault Arkana SUV Dimensions

Starlight Navigation, as well as infotainment

The Arkana’s base model has a touchscreen of seven inches that comes with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, and a DAB radio. The cars come with a 4.2-inch TFT display of the driver’s information behind the steering wheel and standard dials, and the hybrid models all come with a 7-inch touchscreen, including the dials.

Each model comes with a reversing camera, as well as USB connections. S Edition S Edition includes a 9.3-inch display with navigation and all the functions of its smaller display. The seven-inch clock display is standard for all engines of this trim. Also, there are automatic updates to the satellite navigation system.3

Renault Arkana SUV Starlight Navigation
Renault Arkana SUV Starlight Navigation

The screen has a high resolution, but the graphics don’t get justice – the digital dials, on the contrary, are sharp and clear. Smartphone connectivity is essential, so we’re happy it’s a standard feature.


The Arkana’s style incorporates an inclined roofline that flows to the rear, giving the appearance of a fast coupe. The Arkana is built on an identical B0-based platform used by the Renault Duster and Captur. It has clear LED headlights on the front and LED taillights with connected LED strips along the tailgate.

Renault Arkana SUV Design
Renault Arkana SUV Design

Engine And Transmission

The Renault Arkana was recently found with a private registration number registered at Renault India Private Limited. The international version of the Arkana is equipped with a 145 E-Tech hybrid with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder petrol engine and two electric motors, namely an e-engine with 36 kW and a 15 kW HSG (High-Voltage Starter Generator).

Renault Arkana SUV Engine And Transmission
Renault Arkana SUV Engine And Transmission

The engine is coupled to an automatic 6-speed transmission. Although no information about the Arkana is available in India, We anticipate that it will have the identical 1.3-liter gasoline engine that is turbocharged and used within Kicks and Duster.

Renault Arkana SUV Warranty

All new Renaults come with a guarantee which covers you for five years starting after the date of registration. The initial 24 months of warranty offer unlimited mileage, but after that, it’s restricted to a maximum of 100k miles, or five years, whichever is first. Extended warranty options are also available.

Waiting Time for New Renault Arkana SUV

If you’re searching for an attractive car ideal for weekend getaways or long drives, then the Renault Arkana SUV is the best choice. It offers plenty of room and is a pleasure to drive, making it an ideal option for anyone looking for a vehicle that will make their commute more enjoyable.

Additionally, it is stylish and attractive. Renault Arkana SUV is modern, appealing, and famous for passengers and drivers alike. The Expected Launch Date of the Renault Arkana SUV is Oct 2023.

How do you book the Renault Arkana SUV?

  • To book this Arkana, Visit Official Website
  • Select a Product of Renault and Choose Your Favorite Arkana SUV
  • Choose your state, city, and then the closest Renault dealer.
  • Enter your contact details to allow a Renault representative to contact you.
  • Pay online for the amount of booking the reservation of Arkana SUV. Proceed to online payment.
  • Once you have received your payment confirmation, you will receive a phone call from the team at Renault for more information.

Renault Competitors

The Renault Arkana SUV can be described as a vehicle that many people have loved. It has various characteristics that make it an excellent option for people looking for a car. It also offers a range of distinctive attributes that make it a great vehicle.

If you’re searching for an SUV that provides the best value for money, The Arkana is an excellent choice to think about. The Renault Arkana is a competitor to other SUVs like the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, its Indian models of BMW X4 and X6, Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, and other mid-sized SUVs.

Arkana SUV Reviews

The Renault Arkana is a massive SUV with a sleek and attractive style. It’s anticipated to include every feature from a touchscreen information system that comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to wireless charging and an electronic instrument cluster in addition to other features.

It is expected to go with an Arkana with an adequate safety system to ensure the safety of passengers.

If you’re searching for a new vehicle and considering the Renault Arkana SUV, you’ll need to know the cost. The price of the Renault Arkana SUV has become a prevalent option, and it is worth considering. It is possible to locate this Renault Arkana SUV at many different dealerships. The cost will vary based on the location as well as the state of the car.

What is the Renault Arkana SUV Mileage?

Renault has launched an all-new SUV called The Renault Arkana. It promises to deliver approximately 16 km/l. The vehicle is built on the most recent modular platform created by Renault. It is equipped with an array of options, making it an excellent opportunity for people looking for an elegant and affordable SUV.


Renault Arkana SUV has the most modern security features, top-of-the-line technology, and facilities. The vehicle is also well-known for its outstanding quality and performance. If you’ve been considering purchasing an SUV for the first time, this is worth looking at.

The price for this model Renault Arkana will be relatively higher than the other SUVs since it doesn’t come with a budget bin.

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